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Amical Wikimedia/April 2016

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April 2016
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of April 2016


Who's afraid of Ramon Llull?[edit]

Catalan language students improving the University of Belgrade

Un dels actes a valència[edit]

Edit-a-thon during Science and Wikipedia conference in OCCC.

Translation week on Women Writers[edit]

Sant Jordi (Saint George) is a very special day for Catalan Culture

Ongoing programs[edit]

  • Escola d'Art i Disseny Tarragona (EADT) & Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona (MNAT) — WikiArS
WiR - Valencian Museum of Ethnology.


Education & Knowledge[edit]

  • April 11 - Meeting with University of Barcelona teachers to start a gastronomy wikiproject on fall 2016. Kippelboy
  • April 12 - Meeting with Marc Miquel to analyze his PhD on Wikipedia . Kippelboy
  • April 12 - Meeting with Institut Ramon Llull in order to prepare our weekly global editathon . Kippelboy
  • April 12 - Meeting with University of Barcelona innovation center for increasing our participation. Kippelboy & ESM
  • April 13 - Meeting with Social Educators College from Catalonia for giving advice in how to collaborate with Wikipedia. Kippelboy
  • April 18 - Meeting with University of Andorra for planing a June Conference Kippelboy
  • April 20 - Follow-up meeting about WikiArS in Tarragona with students in intership at Amical Wikimedia from School of Art and Design in Tarragona and staff of National Archeological Museum of Tarragona. Lluis_tgn
  • April 28 - Meeting with a IEC member to talk about a conference on high open knowledge and science. Kippelboy Barcelona

GLAMwiki & Core projects[edit]

  • April 11 - New edition of the decapçalera project where public librarians write articles about their local writers celebrities. Kippelboy


  • April 15 - Meeting with User:Tiputini to discuss how to better manage gender gap on Catalan Wikipedia. Kippelboy
  • April 15 - Meeting with Barcelona Zoo for planning new edit-a-thon. Kippelboy Tiputini


Media coverage[edit]

After a LOT of coverage in March due to our 15th anniversary and the 500k articles milestone, April was a quiet month related to media.

Global Metrics[edit]

Note: These metrics only report events or projects which took place or ended during this month. Longer term projects like Educational or Wikipedian in Residence are reported on our semester report or the month where the project finishes.

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
2 - EDU Antropology Editathon 4 30 80 15 29
2 - EDU Editathon in Montserrat with Escolania de Montserrat members. 1 15 25 ND ND ND
2 - EDU Catalan language students from 10 universities around the world improve Ramon Llull Wikipedia article 5 50 150 10 10
2 - EDU Editathon in Valencia Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània 9 5 20 2 4
3 - CORE #decapçalera 23 15 90 15 23 #bibliowikis Catalan librarians writing biographies of outstanding writers
3 - CORE Historical Memory Edit-a-thon, Manises. 2 5 10 10 10 #bibliowikis
3 - CORE Esparraguera Editathon 0 10 ND ND ND ND #bibliowikis Self organized by library
3 - CORE Sant Jordi translation contest 7 0 7 65 65 #viquidones
Total (estimated) 41 130 382 117 145

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