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Caldes de Malavella editathon - group photo
  • December 5th - Kick off of the 2015 Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer Wikiproject edition (since 2011) Kippelboy
  • December 11th - Wikipedia for performing arts sector. Presentation to 75 performing arts sector professionals on how to better use Wikipedia both as a source of information and a way to learn from other cultures and spread their projects. Kippelboy
  • December 13th - Caldes de Malavella editathon at Local public Library. Davidpar
  • December 15th - Wikipedia Workshop to Local Librarians of Girona Town Public libraries Network. Kippelboy
  • December 16-17th - Sharing our Public Libraries project with Basque Community (both Government and editors) Kippelboy
  • 20th December - ViquimaratóSants, Editathon in Barcelona (Vapor Vell, public library) about local history themes. Jey, Patian, Vàngelis Villar
Meeting with AVL.
  • 3rd December - Metting with Cristina Serradell (Comunication Department of Museu Blau) to prepare some viquiprojects about Natural History. Vàngelis Villar
  • 3rd December - Meeting with Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua for planning 2015 projects. Kippelboy, Coentor & Pacopac
  • 4th December - Meeting & Interview at CCCB for talking about future of outreach, publics and ways to spread knowldege Kippelboy
  • 9th December - Meeting with "llegir en català" association for planning 2015 projects. Kippelboy
  • 10th December - Meeting with Catalan Archivists Association's President for planning some Wikipedia workshops to their network on 2015. Kippelboy
  • 11th December - Meeting with Vall de Boi (world heritage) board to introduce Wikipedia and think about a 2015 project. Kippelboy
  • 16th December - Online meeting for planning GLAMwiki visit to Balearic Islands on 2015. Kippelboy Paucabot
  • 18th December - Meeting with Carme Fenoll, head of Catalan Public LIbraries Network, to plan 2015 Wikipedia implication on "The year of the libraries" Centennial celebration. Kippelboy


Editathon in Mataró
  • 13rd December - Viquimarató pedagogia, Editathon in Mataró (Pompeu Fabra, public library) about catalan history of pedagogical renewal. Organized together with the Library, MEM, and FMRPCat. ~10 attenders dvdgmz, Vàngelis Villar
  • 17th November to 2th January wikiArS exhibition at Cambrils Library.
Meeting in Tarragona to follow-up WikiArS project.
  • December 12th and 19th. Sessions with ViquiLlotja240 group of teachers at Llotja School of Art. Dvdgmz
  • 1th December - Meeting at FMRPCat office (Barcelona) to prepare pedagogical renewal editathon and to explain how to liberate content via OTRS. dvdgmz
  • 2th December - First meeting at Pau Gargallo school of art (Badalona) with wikiArS internship students to produce illustrations of Burramys parvus and Apomys gracilirostris .Leptictidium dvdgmz
  • 4th December - 4th tupperwiki pedagogy edition group meeting at Premià de Mar Library. Dvdgmz, Annagfont & Mselga
  • 9th December - Meeting at Pompeu Fabra Library (Mataró) to prepare edithaton. dvdgmz, Vàngelis Villar
  • 15th December - Meeting at Llotja school of art (Barcelona) to follow-up the wikiArS internship producing images about Ancient Egypt strikes.dvdgmz
  • 18th December - Meeting at Tarragona Archeology Museum with museum curators, teachers and 6 students from Tarragona School of Art and Design to follow-up the internship producing Roman age assignments. See the assignments for WikiArS here Lluis_tgn
  • 18th December - Meeting at Llotja school of art (Barcelona) to follow-up the wikiArS internship producing images about food webs and biogeochemical cycles .Mercè Piqueras dvdgmz
  • 22th December - Meeting of the Premià tupperwiki group at MEM office (Mataró) to share ideas and to receive a donation of education books for the Library. Dvdgmz, Annagfont & Nurianau
  • Every Thursday - Skype meeting with Serra i Abella students to follow-up the wikiArS internship producing biology images. Imartin6


  • 15th December - Meeting to kick off with ICIQ (Institute of Chemical Research in Catalonia) a project to improve Catalan chemists and chemistry in general in Catalan Wikipedia. See Wikiproject page. Lluis_tgn




  • December 27th - Talk on Wikimedia Commons at Igernonstop Challenge, Figueres. Davidpar
  • Finished and printed 3 types of brochure, size: A6. Arnaugir (soon in Commons)

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