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Amical Wikimedia/July 2015

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July 2015
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of July 2015


New Case Study on Catalonia's Network of Public Libraries project
This case study covers the collaboration of a whole network of Catalan public libraries with Wikipedia & Wikimedia projects. This documentation focues on the motivations for their collaboration, the activities engaging the libraries and the influence and impact of that initiative on ideas around open access and the Wikimedia community within the libraries sector.

The program builds on a few important values: in a world of lots of information, librarians are references heroes; they have research expertise; Wikimedia projects need expertise. Moreover, many libraries want have connection to local users who are eager to knowledge. We explained Wikipedia as one more way to engage those knowledge seekers:social media is about to start talking with engaged learners; Wikipedia is a great way to start collaborating with them. Read it here

El Serrallo Edit-athon

El Serrallo Edit-a-thon in Tarragona
On July 9, Museum of the Port of Tarragona and Tarragona Public Library organized an editathon on a maritime neighborhood content, improving local content with local communities. 80% of the attendees where women, which is good for helping as closing the gender gap issue. Another point is the simplicity of these small acts. Gives us opportunities for us to expand throughout the country, reaching groups of people who could not get any other way and generally have stronger links with our "local cultural partners". Such events can organize the volunteer without any structure as a partnership. Another advantage is that these are easily organized editathons move forward because of what we call "local pride" where the organizations we collaborate with have very local roots and are motivated by the fact that their work may be disclosured on Wikipedia. Catalan blogpost here


Wiki Loves Earth Andorra and Catalan Areas Awards Ceremony
An image of by Miquel Pons (aka Mikipons) has this year edition of Wiki Loves Earth (WLE).

The competition is an open invitation for everyone to share their high quality photos in a spirit that can be accessed universally common knowledge. The first edition was held in Catalonia in the spring of 2014 and was a success. It reached 445 natural elements photographed more than 5,300 images, and the winning photographs of WLE Catalan was also awarded in the international competition. Winner was same author Miki Pons

The WLE photo contest began in 2013 as a pilot last year in Ukraine and exported worldwide. It is organized in a federal form, locally and internationally. There are different categories of participation and prizes, and a jury will select the winners of the local contest and selected to participate in the international competition. The jury was composed by Catalan photographers, professional environment managers and experienced users of GNU.

In Catalonia, the competition has been the result of Amical Wikimedia project, in collaboration with the Department of Territory and Sustainability, through the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainability and has supported Network Land Stewardship. In total, Catalonia collected more than 2,194 snapshots 297 protected areas and elements of the natural català.Algunes images included in the website of the Protected Areas System of Catalonia with the aim of helping spread it and put the knowledge and information available to the public within the meaning of similar experiences of citizen science. Catalan blogpost here

Ongoing programmes & projects[edit]

Here you have a list of all the ongoing programs/projects that Amical is promoting during 2015.




Summer holidays

Other educational centers[edit]

Summer holidays






  • July 14 - Education conference at University of Vic and Kick off of 7 new educational projects with teachers for next semester.
Meetings- Kippelboy
  • July 7 - Meeting with Ernest Abadal from University of Barcelona to schedule a Wikimedia conference for information professionals on fall 2015- Kippelboy
  • July 7 - Meeting with Xurxo Insua from University of Barcelona to follow up Wikidata Viquimoderisme project- Kippelboy


  • July 15 - Wiki Loves Earth Andorra and Catalan Areas Awards Ceremony


  • Our own book scanner (DIY The Archivist) is now operational for Catalan Wikisource and more.

Media coverage[edit]

Global Metrics[edit]

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
2 - GLAM El Serrallo Editathon 11 8 17 1 12 28.018 Organized by Tarragona Public Library and Harbour Museum
2 - GLAM 10x10 wikiproject 7 4 15 30 10 Librarians creating Wikipedia articles on Catalan publishing houses
2 - GLAM Banyoles editathon 10 6 15 9 5 Organized by Arqueopedia wikiproject
3 - EDU Education Conference at University of Vic 2 25 Preparing course templates for 2015-2016 course
4 - COMM WLE 2015 Awards 30 95 50 Ceremony Awards pics & Contest pics
Total (estimation) 60 18 177 90 27 N/D

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