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from	Joan Goma <>
date	Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 9:16 PM
subject	Wikimedia CAT proposal

Past Saturday 17 we where informally informed that ChapCom decided to recommend the board the denial of our proposal for chapter.

We have to thank the Chapcom for the time and interest devoted to analyze our case. But we have to complain about the lack of transparency of the process. From February 23th 2009 nobody from Chapcom made any comment to our proposal discussion page, from August 2009 we only had few informal communications between some members of chapcom. Nobody gave us the opportunity to openly debate the arguments in favour and against our proposal acceptance or rejection.

In order to partly amend this situation we would thank a lot if before the board takes a decision we could be formally informed about the chapcom resolution together with the reasons to give it and if we had the opportunity to express our comments.

We are sure this situation is the outcome of a system more shaped to help groups to met the requirements than to deny their aspirations. We are confident our request will be attended.

Best regards.