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Assumpte:  	Re: [ChapCom] Proposed Catalan Chapter
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thank you for your email and reminder. It seems to me that the chapcom will need some more time to discuss for now, so we will not yet be able to give a definitive decision. You will probably understand that this is a complicated matter, and I am sorry that it takes so long. Just to inform you that we have not forgotten you ;-)

Best regards,

Lodewijk Gelauff

2009/9/24 jrgoma <>

   Dear ChapCom members:
   Next 3 October the Catalan wikipedian Congress and the Association Assembly
   will be held in Figueres.
   We know our proposal is complex and we understand it requires time, but we
   would like to inform about the situation. If you could give us any
   information, we would highly appreciate it.

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