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Portrait of Josep Palau i Fabre obtained thanks to the collaboration with the Barcelona Arts and Crafts School


People editing during the Ángeles Santos Torroella Wikimarathon, at the Empordà Museum.
Wikipedia articles being read trough the image recognition with augmented reality


  • From March 29 to April 1: Several ad-hoc meetings during the Chapter's meeting held in Berlin (despite Amical was not officially invited to the event). Meeting with Jon Eiseffelt (Humbold University of Berlin and Deutschland Wikimedia member) about teaching projects. Meeting with the Catalan Lectorship of Berlin. Meeting about Wiki Loves Monuments with Spain Wikimedia. Meeting about the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion with Spain and France Wikimedia. Meeting about the Elderly People Project with Switzerland.


  • Wiki4HE progress. This month, it has been developed a Bot which calculates the student's editions belonging to each teaching project. It calculates the editions submitted by a student during the course and identify if they become a regular wikipedian. It has also been designed a worksheet in order to analyze each course in accordance with the teaching methodology. A study has been planned later in order to find out if there is some kind of relationship between the teaching methodology and the students' Wikipedia editions, and if it shows some kind of improvement to the students performance. Also for the future, several interviews with teachers have been planned. A group of teachers of the Autonom University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia has already been created for this purpose. Coordination: Gomà.
  • Publication of the IV Viquipedia readers and editors survey. The poll is aimed to identify the urers' social and demographical profile, as well as their interest and opinions. The results may help us to improve the delineation of the activities of our assossiation, know better the general editors' and readers' concerns, and outline the project diffusion as well as planify short- and longterm goals. Responsibles: MuRe and Micrib


  • March 5: The Víctor Balaguer Museum & Library publishes in its blog an article about the GLAM-WIKI meeting. It explains that Wikipedia is «the perfect instrument for promoting the local museums», generally with few human and economic ressources, because it is a free platform able to advertise them and to put their collections on the world's culture map.
  • The ESCACC Foundation publishes an article about Viquitexts and its achieved goal of reaching the first 10.000 reviewed pages. Responsible: Davidpar
  • Different local newspapers inform about the Ángeles Santos Torroella Wikimarathon, at the Empordà Museum. For example: El Punt Avui, Tramuntana TV and Coordination: Davidpar
  • A lot of newspapers publish the new about the application which links a smart phone or tablet to wikipedia articles trough the image recognition with augmented reality. For example: ACN, La Vanguardia, diari Ara or


  • March 14: Introduction of Amical Viquipèdia and the GLAM-WIKI project to the GRACMON Group (Art History and Contemporary Design Research Group) at the University of Barcelona. Organizer: Kippelboy.
  • March 22: Softcatalà makes the official announcement of the Catalanitzador tool, aimed to help users who want to get their computer's software and programs in Catalan. The public presentation was held at the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya (Journalists Association of Catalonia) together with the attendance of several Amical Viquipèdia members, which provides its support. More information here.

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