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March 2015
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of March 2015


Wikimedians at Catalunya Radio

Wikipedia Day at Catalunya Ràdio
On 13th of March, from 8am and throughout the day, Amical Wikimedia and Ramon Barnils Group organized an Edit-a-thon at Catalunya Ràdio headquarters, the Catalan public radio station. The event lasted 12 hours with live connections every half an hour. The aim of the initiative was to improve the article of the eminent journalist Ramon Barnils, a founder of Catalunya Ràdio, updating and renewing his entry and other related items. Catalan Wikipedia celebrated its 14th anniversary on the 16th of March, just when it is about to reach 500,000 articles, and the 14th of March was the 14th anniversary of the death of Ramon Barnils. 25 Wikimedians attended (8 new) the edit-a-thon in different turns. All the radio programs of that day were focused on Wikipedia: Wikipedians were interviewed on the factual programmes, the analysis program discussed on the impact of Wikipedia, the comedy show made jokes about Wikipedia, and the game show asked trivia questions about Wikipedia. The Ramon Barnils Group and relatives released photos of the journalist into Wikimedia Commons. The Catalan public TV and many digital media covered it, too. In addition, Wikipedians improved the Wikidata item and the Wikiquote page of Ramon Barnils, and made a lots of pics and recorded the voice of the journalists of Catalunya Ràdio for Wikimedia Commons. You can find the images here and here.

GLAMwiki coordinators at Wikimédia France HQs

Amical attended European GLAM Wiki coordinators in Paris
The impact, diversity and scope of the Wikimedia community’s activities relating to the cultural sector have greatly expanded in recent years, but until recently, the people charged with coordinating all this activity had never actually met! So, consistent with Europeana’s strategy to deepen its involvement in GLAM-Wiki collaboration (see previous blogpost) and the Wikimedia movement’s desire to emphasise sharing best practices among its local organisations, the GLAM coordinators from Europe’s Wikimedia Chapters were recently invited together for their first ever gathering, facilitated by Europeana and hosted by Wikimédia France. Both Europe’s GLAMs and Wikimedia Chapters are seeking ongoing relationships and to join projects that cross borders and languages. Following the work done by a dedicated Wikimedia-Europeana taskforce in August and January – in which Wikimédia France participated – Europeana and Wikimédia France are extremely happy to support these efforts as they both help to make European cultural heritage more accessible, re-usable and connected, and also consistent with Europeana’s 2020 strategy. What better way to increase the pan-European connectivity and re-use of cultural heritage than to facilitate greater communication between its Wikimedians?

What could be the most meaningful indicators to measure impact in GLAM Wiki projects? How to scale-up local projects by involving other chapters? Local Wikimedia organizations, as well as Europeana, are facing similar challenges and opportunities. Sharing successes as well as failures is key to leverage already existing actions and avoid repeating mistakes that others already experimented.

The 15 nations represented at the weekend’s-workshops all have GLAM outreach programs at different stages of development – sometimes coordinated by volunteers, sometimes by staff, sometimes by elected board members – but in all cases benefited from the sharing of experiences and devising of common goals for the forthcoming year. The full minutes and outcomes of the weekend’s workshop are available online.source

Acte d'Alaquàs

GLAMwiki conference in the Land of València
Organised by Amical in collaboration with network and the Alaquàs Town-hall, Conference about Wikimedia projects and how public institutions can use and collaborate with those projects. An audience of about 20 people with General Public, Librarian, Museum director and Local administration personel from various municipalities from the Horta Sud county. Conference held by Alex Hinojo with the collaboration of two members of Amical.

Must highlight the warm welcoming and the good ambience in the conference, where the professionals coming from about 7 different towns discovered free-licenses as an option to publish their own works. Since the celebration of the conference, Free licenses have been used in materials published by some of those municipalities.

Figueres onions

Catalan Gastronomy media donation
The Baix Empordà County has released about 500 proffessional images of Catalan traditional food, recipees and ingredients on an open license so they are beeing now uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by our volunteers and used in many articles. On 2014 Amical gave a regular Wikipedia workshop for professionals of the Baix Empordà County. One of the attendees was particullary interested in food documentation, and after some months of conversations, his organisation has decided to open up their content. They are releasing under CC-BY / CC-BY-SA licenses both documents, images and recipees of Catalan representative food of their County. Baix Empordà is the official naming for the world wide known touristic destination brand Costa Brava. Enjoy and reuse the pics here.

Ongoing programmes & projects[edit]

Here you have a list of all the ongoing programs/projects that Amical is promoting during 2015.




Here you have a list of all the educational projects Amical is actually promoting, sorted by University

Other educational centers[edit]




Kippelboy and Pacopac in Alaquàs.
Meeting with Tarragona Public Library staff
  • March 3: Meeting with Barcelona's Josep Clarà local public library to help them scheduling a 2015 program of wiki activities. Kippelboy & Barcelona
  • March 11: Meeting with Barcelona Music Museum to draft a Music day major event for June 21.. Kippelboy
  • March 17: Meeting with Tarragona Public Library director and more staff to talk about on-going wikiproject. Lluis_tgn


levels of organization of human body
reflex arc
  • March 2: Wikimedia Commons and Free licenses speach at Manresa School of Art. wikiArS. ~25 attenders Dvdgmz
  • March 11: Follow-up of wikiArS internship student from La Industrial. Vàngelis_Villar
  • March 16: Wikipedia workshop at Digital Journalism class of Blanquerna University in Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • March 16: Wikipedia workshop at Marketing Students of International University of Catalonia in Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • March 18: Wikisource workshop at Catalan Literature Filology class of Alacant University in Alacant. Kippelboy
  • March 26: 2nd Wikipedia workshop at Digital Journalism class of Blanquerna University in Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • March 24: Wikipedia workshop for secondary school teachers at Institut Miquel Biada (Mataró). 9 attenders. Dvdgmz
  • End of the wikiArS internship of Marta Aguayo and Laia Martínez from Serra i Abella School of Art with the publication&description of reflex arc and levels of organization of human body. IMartin6&Dvdgmz



Women edit-a-thon at Palafrugell Archive
  • March 19: Wiki Loves Earth 2015 preparation meeting with Catalan Government. Kippelboy


  • March 2: Meeting with Edward Galvez of Wikimedia Foundation for talking about Wikimetrics. Kippelboy

Media coverage[edit]

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Global Metrics[edit]

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
2 GLAM GLAMwiki conference in the Land of València 25 Report in English
2 GLAM Catalan Gastronomy media donation 34 34 files in use of a 277 pics content donation (Report in English)
2 GLAM Workshop for museum professionals 20
2 GLAM Wikidata workshop & hackathon at MACBA Museum 15 3 20 178 Part of MACBA data collection uploaded to Wikidata
2 GLAM Women editing, Terrassa Public Library 12 10 15 2 6
2 GLAM Wikipedia workshop for book publishers in Barcelona 40 2 2
2 GLAM Sant Jordi Night editathon 7 4 8 3 11
3 EDU Wikimedia Commons and Free licenses speach at Manresa School of Art. 25
3 EDU 2 Workshops at Digital Journalism class of Blanquerna University in Barcelona. 110
3 EDU Wikipedia workshop at Marketing Students of International University of Catalonia 22
3 EDU Wikisource workshop at Alacant University 32
3 EDU Wikipedia workshop for secondary school teachers at Institut Miquel Biada (Mataró) 9
3 EDU WikiArS internship 3 2 4 2
4 COMM 288 languages Wikiproject 16 16 58 Project for creating a Wikipedia article of all languages with a Wikipedia version
4 COMM Wikipedia Day at Catalunya Ràdio (radio coverage) ??? Report in English
4 COMM Wikipedia Day at Catalunya Ràdio (editathon) 25 8 45 26 39 Report in English
4 COMM Esperanto Wikiproject (CA + EO) 10 7 10 23 40
4 COMM 2 Women edithathons (1 co-organised with WM Spain) 17 8 25 19
4 COMM History of Catalan Internet edithathon 12 8 16 2 124
4 COMM Wikipedia conference during Catosfera tech meeting 220
Total (estimation) 117 50 662 92 479

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