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March 2016
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of March 2016


Catalan Wikipedia reaches half a million articles same week we celebrate 15 years![edit]

Catalan Wikipedia was the second language version to have articles, just behind the English version. The first article was written in Catalan was Abacus, on 16 March 2001. It is currently the 17th version number of articles. It took 5 years to reach the first 50,000 articles and the project kept growing. On 2015, the Catalan-speaking community set the challenge of adding 50,000 articles throughout 2015. We wanted to reach 500,000 articles before our 15th anniversary. And we did it! To achieve this milestone we organized several contests during the year and we promoted the #repte500mil to encourage people to share their edits on social media. Read a blog post on the 500,000 article creator.

Building Commons Collaborative Economies in Barcelona[edit]

The encounter Commons Collaborative Economies: Policies, Technologies and City for the People took place on March 11th, 12th and 13th. It will be organized by P2PValue European Project with the members of Dimmons, Research in Commons at IN3-UAB and of UAB, Amical Wikimedia, Barcelona Activa with the new Department of Other Economies and Bar Cola, working group on colaborative economies and commons production. The commons-oriented model within the collaborative economy is an emergent model based in Internet-enabled collaborative communities building shared and common resources whose ownership is accessible as a commons. The most famous examples are the open source software (that seems to be more prevalent than the proprietary one in several fields) and Wikipedia. Commons-based Peer Production is rapidly growing, not just for the disruptive and very successful cases of software, but also for hardware (FabLabs, Open Source Ecology) accommodation (couchsurfing) and currency (local coins). More recently, we have also seen the emergence and growth of hybrid models which retain some similar organizational logic, such as being based on collaborative principles, but privatizing others. This is the case in corporate-based peer production such as Uber or Airbnb. The aim of the encounter is thus to highlight the relevance of the commons-oriented approach of peer production and collaborative economy, while proposing public policies and providing technical guidelines to build platforms for collaborative communities.

More concretely, the encounter had three main goals:

  • To highlight the relevance of the commons-oriented model within the collaborative economy, and project internationally the relevance of commons – oriented production in Barcelona and Catalonia.
  • To build policy recommendations for public administrations, specifically to be sent to the Plan of Municipal Action (PAM) for the next 4 years of the Barcelona City Council, and the consultation process of the European Commission, on public policies of promotion and regulation of the collaborative economy and the model of city.
  • To provide technical guidelines to build free and open software and decentralized technologies for collaborative communities.

The event included round tables, workshops, open session within three main topics Policies, Collaborative economy and Tech. Check the detail program here and blogpost report (in Catalan) here

Music Editathon at Musicology University[edit]

Musicology students improving Wikipedia

On Friday March 18, the ESMUC, Catalan School of musicology superior studies, opened their doors to hold an edita-thon devoted to Enric Morera and Enric Granados, in order to update, expand and create articles around these two Catalan musicians. The activity took place from 9:30 to 14 hours. The project coincides with the activities commemorating the centenary of the disappearance of Enrique Granados, and the events were held throughout 2015 to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Enric Morera. This first initiative is intended to be an annual event, dedicating each editathon to highlight a composer or prominent figure on the music scene.

Catalan Culture Challenge[edit]

Ongoing programs[edit]

  • Escola d'Art i Disseny Tarragona (EADT) & Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona (MNAT) — WikiArS


Education & Knowledge[edit]

  • March 1 - Follow-up meeting about WikiArS in Tarragona with students in intership at Amical Wikimedia from School of Art and Design in Tarragona and staff of National Archeological Museum of Tarragona. Lluis_tgn

GLAMwiki & Core projects[edit]

  • March 14 - Badalona Museum Wikiproject kick off- Kippelboy dvdgmz Sorenike
  • March 14 - Òmnium Cultural editathon preparing meeting- Kippelboy
  • March 14 - Filmoteca de Catalunya Wikiproject kick off- Kippelboy
  • March 29 - Baercelona Local Archives Wikiproject kick off- Kippelboy




Media coverage[edit]

Global Metrics[edit]

Note: These metrics only report events or projects which took place or ended during this month. Longer term projects like Educational or Wikipedian in Residence are reported on our semester report or the month where the project finishes.

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
1 - COMMUNITY #Repte500mil Challenge 1.800 225 1.500 ND 8.642 Blogpost
1 - COMMUNITY 15years challenge 39 0 50 ND 525 List of created articles
1 - COMMUNITY Catalan Wikipedia 15Y lunch party 40 0 40 0 0 0 Photos
2 - EDU Procomuns conference 5 ND 300 25 20 Blogpost
2 - EDU Musicology Editathon at ESMUC University 6 25 66 15 18
2 - EDU Conference at UPVD University in Perpinyà 3 25 50 10 30 Blogpost
2 - EDU workshop at UB for Linguistic students 1 0 30 0 5
3 - CORE Mataró Local editathon 4 5 15 3 15
3 - CORE Women edit-a-thon, Diputació de València 2 10 20 5 20
3 - CORE Wikilibrary conference for specialized libraries of the Catalan Government 1 0 50 0 0 0
3 - CORE EMEA OCLC Regional Council Meeting 2016 - The Selfie Generation 2 0 250 0 0 Conference
3 - CORE Poetry Day 8 0 10 10 27 in co-ordination with Wikimedia España
3 - CORE Art and feminism editathon 22 16 26 ND 78 in co-ordination with Wikimedia España
3 - CORE Filmoteca de Catalunya Wikiproject 8 2 20 20 65
3 - CORE Catalan Culture Challenge 2016 22 0 25 220 254 Multilingual Challenge
3 - CORE Filmoteca de Catalunya Wikiproject 8 2 20 20 65
3 - CORE Women and music editathon 15 12 20 ND 24 #viquidones
Total (estimated)

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