Amical Wikimedia/May 2010

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Courses and conferences[edit]

  • Monday, 17 May at 11:30 am: Wikipedia editing workshop at the Casa de la Caritat in Valls. User:KRLS.
  • Saturday, 22 May at 12:00 pm: Let's edit Wikipedia at the Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània in Valencia. User: Gomà
  • Sunday, 23 May at 11:00 am: The organisation of the free knowledge movement unconference at the Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània in Valencia. Users: Gomà and Toniher

Content release[edit]

  • Agreement with Vilapèdia so that their website is published under a Wikipedia-compatible licence.
  • At our request, the Emporion magazine has changed its licence to CC-BY-SA. Their material is interesting for Wikibooks and they have also made available their newspaper library, which includes all their issues back to 1915.


  • Espai Internet on TV. This month's articles: Impressionism, Webseries, Webby Awards, Web accessibility, Around the World in Eighty Days (novel).
    • Not all news were good. We couldn't find any volunteers to write Jaws (accessibility), thus losing the chance of having this article shown on TV. We need more volunteers, come on!
  • Saturday 29 at 5:00 pm. Interview on Radio Ona Mallorca. Users: Paucabot and Toni Salvà.

Institutional relations[edit]

  • Thursday, 13 March at 4:00 pm: meeting with Tarracowiki. They have a Wikipedia-compatible licence, you can copy contents (acknowledging the source). We talked about cooperation across several projects.
  • Tuesday, 18 March. Meeting with the Directorate-General of International Projection of the Catalan Government. They facilitated contact with Catalan culture houses all over the world so that they can include Wikipedia among their cultural activities and find out about Wikipedia and its sister project's paedagogic possibilities in Catalan language lessons. User: Mafoso
  • Friday, 21 May. Meeting with Vilapèdia. In addition to the licence, it was agreed that they would upload graphic material to Commons, that we would provide them with technical support on the wiki and that they would become association members. We wish to thank User:Millars for his support. User: Gomà
  • Thursday, 27 May. Meeting with the Institut Ramon Llull. It was agreed that Catalan foreign language assistants in universities all over the world should find out about Wikipedia, its sister projects and their paedagogic potential. They organise yearly meetings, and they will reserve a few sessions for us in the next one. User: Barcelona


  • Presentation of the book Wikipedia: Discover, use, contribute.
    • Tuesday, 11 May at 7:00 pm. Llibreria Catalònia, Barcelona. Users: Vriullop and Gomà.
    • Friday, 21 May at 8:00 pm. Libreria Il Laberinto, in Alghero. User: Gus_dan
  • Tuesday 25. There was a meeting of several institutions related to free knowledge and software, and we agreed to create the free knowledge and software coordinating organisation. In addition to us, it includes members from Drupal, Ubuntu, Softcatalà and Mozilla, among others. Users: Gomà and Toniher
  • The translation bot Amical-Bot has been improved with a new function. You can now translate a group of short articles in one same category in one go. See the manual for the corresponding instructions.