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„Състезание Архиви 2016“
Archives Challenge 2016

Archives Challenge 2016 is an international competition connected to the digitised documents from the joint work of Wikimedians of Bulgaria and Bulgarian Archives State Agency, which was started in 2012.

Until now over 6500 documents have been digitised, most of them are images of people, images from Bulgaria, images from the world, images connected to the ethnography of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, documents. The gallery "Then and Now" is especially interesting; there the participants find couples of images at the same place or an object from the archives and nowadays, which are ordered in a few thematic groups. This year there will be a possibility to name a certain object or place and add coordinates.

The vast amount of the documents has descriptions in Bulgarian and English. Thanks to the first edition of the Archives Challenge in 2015 there were 3200 new descriptions added, 268 descriptions changed, 2300 categories added, and 597 images used in articles. 69 couples of images were found in the category "Then and Now". The images inspired the participants to write 94 new articles (454 500 bytes) in Armenian, Serbian and Bulgarian.

We encourage the organisation of joint contests with other GLAM projects connected to archives worldwide.

There is an additional contest, connected to adding the names from the Index of the people awarded with different grades of the order "St. Alexander" to the corresponding articles. Because of that specific it will be only for the participants from Bulgaria and the points will not be added to the total amount of points.

The contest begins at 00:00 (UTC) on the 15th November 2016 and ends at 23:59 (UTC) on the 15th December 2016


Winner in the competition will be the participant, who has the highest number of points. Points are given for:

  • Creating a description of an image - 2 pts per language
  • Editing (making better and enlarging) a description of an image - 1 point per image
  • Adding categories - 2 pts per category
  • Adding an image in an article - 5 pts per language
  • Finding couples of images and adding them to the Then and Now gallery - 5 pts per couple
  • Creating an article about an image, which does not have an article yet - 15 pts + 1 point per 1000 bytes
  • Adding coordinates - 5 pts

Every participant will count their results. Example:

Participant Created descriptions
2 pts
Edited descriptions
1 point
Added categories
1 point
Added images to articles
5 pts
Images added to the Then and Now Gallery
5 pts
Created articles
15+ pts
Added coordinates
5 pts
Name 10 (20 pts) 5 (5 pts) 5 (5 pts) 2 (10 pts) 2 (10 pts) 1 (15 pts + 5 pts) 2 (10 pts) 80 pts



Please, write your user name in Results.


Inspired by the wonderful idea from the Asian Month of sending thank-you postcards, we would like to adopt it in the Archives Challenge, too, and express our gratitude for their participation to all challengees who collect at least 500 points from contributions within the challenge.

We will be sending our special postcards with collages of archival and modern photos, featuring identical places in Bulgaria, photographed then and now. And this is not everything. These beautiful Wiki postcards will be delivered to the recipients with the first official Wiki postage stamp, that was launched in Bulgaria, featuring one of the Top 10 selected photos in the national Wiki Loves Earth photo competition in 2016.

We hope that with these tokens of appreciation we will stimulate the motivation in the global wiki community for even wider international participation in the challenge this year.

Helpful tools[edit]

Cat-a-lot* Used for: Mass categorization / recategorization / uncategorization of files in Commons.
CatScan* Used for: Generating on demand category tree intersections of a category with/without another category, with/without templates, namespaces, various parameters related to byte size, time of last edit, links, red links, redirects, etc.
GLAMorous* Used for: Checking which files from a Commons category are used in which project
GLAMify* Used for: Helping other/smaller Wikipedias make good use of those collections based on the already existing usage of those images on Wikipedia in another language.
GeoLocator* Used for: Finding geolocation coordinates of objects
  • Address:
  • How to use it:
    • Browse the map and place the location marker using [Ctrl+click] or [Alt+click]
    • Specify the type of the object from a dropdown menu
    • Any change in the parameters immediately leads to change in the automatically filled in "Basic wikipedia/commons templates:": Coord (@ English Wikipedia), Location (@ Commons), Object location (@ Commons)
    • Click on coordinate markup in preferred format to copy it to clipboard.