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Art+Feminism User Group/Planning/Staffing2022-2023

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Executive Director[edit]

The Executive Director shepherds the organization to set the strategic vision and execute the annual plan, reporting to the Board of Directors. This is a full-time staff position.

Core responsibilities include:


  • Work with the Core Leadership Team to provide a strong day-to-day leadership presence that incorporates our mission, vision, and values into our everyday operations.
  • Work with the Board of Directors and the Core Leadership Team to develop the organization’s mission, vision and values.
  • Draft strategic planning documents alongside the rest of the Core Leadership Team.
  • Represent Art+Feminism at art and social justice conferences, events, and Wikimedia Community gatherings.
  • Manage and collaborate with staff, contractors, and consultants


  • Lead and oversee development goals and activities including grants administration and reporting.
  • Lead and oversee various fundraising activities.
  • Write grant proposals and compile supporting documents.
  • Recruit Board Members and cultivate Board in collaboration with the board chair.

Marketing and Communications

  • Work with the Core Leadership Team to oversee the development and execution of  communications, including marking, social media, and educational programming.


  • Support and guide staff and consultants
  • Plan and coordinate ongoing (un)learning for staff and the community at large.
  • Maintain and ensure the execution of project timelines.
  • Establish, improve and maintain efficient operations and project management platforms.
  • Direct and administer all financial plans
  • Lead accounting processes with monthly reconciliations and check-ins with bookkeeper and annually with external accountant
  • Manage and input payroll
  • Conduct regular meetings with Core Leadership Team members
  • Compose budgets for specific programs and processes
  • Conduct risk management and legal activities, such as contracts
  • Collaborate with the leadership team to analyze and improve operations and workflows

Program Manager[edit]

The Program Manager is an integral part of the leadership, programming, and operations of Art+Feminism. This is a full-time staff position.

Core responsibilities include:


  • Field all incoming email to info@artandfeminism.org account; depending on funding structures, this may include supervising a Community Fellow who assists with this correspondence.
  • Collect, update and maintain the organization's databases and statistical information to present to the Executive Director and the leadership collective.
  • Manage the organization's data and metrics management platforms
  • Update and maintain the accounts and repositories of information of the organization: email accounts, Google Drive, website.


  • Manage the annual campaign
    • Event Funding: managing A+F event funding opportunities; guiding organizers in WMF funding opportunities (i.e., Rapid Grants)
    • Lead and coordinate on-boarding process for Regional Ambassadors
    • Lead and facilitate monthly small group Regional Ambassador meetings
    • Conduct one-on-one meetings with Regional Ambassadors as needed
    • Lead and organize mid-campaign check-ins with Regional Ambassadors
    • Create and maintain campaign calendar
    • Lead and maintain internal campaign communications
    • Lead, maintain, and organize CRM around the campaign (Streak)
  • Work with a representative from the Core Leadership Team to support Project Assistants, Fellows, and Consultants, as necessary.
  • Work with a representative from the Core Leadership Team to support and nurture the network of Regional Ambassadors in their work of assisting the organizers of Art+Feminism events; this involves communicating with them in a timely manner and according to established deadlines.
  • Work with the Executive Director to develop an internal communication strategy so that all members of the organization are clear about their responsibilities.
  • Support the Executive Director in day-to-day operations.
  • Work with the Executive Director to analyze and improve operations and workflows.


  • Manage A+F event funding (microfunding)
    • Update application and guidelines
    • Notify awardees and disburse stipends
    • Track disbursements and create reports for team review and financial reporting
  • Work with the Executive Director in financial reporting.

Administrative Associate[edit]

The Administrative Associate will be the backbone of this global organization, handling the day-to-day administrative tasks of the organization. This is a full-time staff position.

Core responsibilities include:

  • Anchoring via inbox management, including managing and responding timely and bringing in leadership team memberships as appropriate.
  • Leading communications around awards including follow ups around award agreements and final reporting.
  • Assisting with team scheduling.
  • Assist tracking and communicating around internal contracts.
  • Coordinating internal language interpretation and written translation needs.
  • Assisting with basic web updates and maintenance.
  • Providing administrative support to the Art+Feminism leadership team, as needed (and if capacity is available), such as organizing and preparing documents for meetings, reports, and grant opportunities and conducting preliminary research around tools to improve organizational workflow.

Additional responsibilities:

We envision the Administrative Associate position, not only as an administrative support role but an opportunity for the right candidate to develop other technical skills that align with their professional goals and interests. Additional responsibilities can include taking ownership of tasks related one of the following areas:

  • Financials/Accounting
  • Website management
  • Social Media management

Lead Co-Organizers[edit]

Art+Feminism Lead Co-organizer role is to contribute to the strategic vision and planning at Art+Feminism, together with the staff and board. This is a contract position with an honorarium.

Essential Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities

Strategic Development

  • Developing and supporting Art+Feminism mission and mandate
  • Inform decision-making, ensuring and uplifting the organization’s values are centered and the organization operates with a lens of equity Art+Feminism works as a collective that makes decisions by a consensus-based model. Lead co-organizers are a key element for the fulfillment of the organization's shared leadership.
  • To provide institutional memory.
  • Provide consultation on and participate in efforts related to policy building, strategic planning, budget, and grant writing.
  • Seek the creation of new alliances between Art+Feminism and other communities and organizations and strengthen existing ones.
  • Representing Art+Feminism within the Wikimedia movement (Wikimania, conferences).
  • To train Art+Feminism staff and community on tasks related to specific skills or experience that is brought by the lead co-organizer, including Wikimedia-related issues.
  • Analysis and study of the impact of Art+Feminism.
  • To engage in the recruitment of new lead co-organizers, along with the staff.
  • To act as extra eyes and ears on occasion.

Project development

  • To support and advise Art+Feminism staff in programmatic activities.
  • Connect Art+Feminism with new opportunities.
  • To bring the perspective of specific key stakeholders (Eg. Wikimedians, GLAM institutions, and other communities).

Knowledge Equity

  • Bring in non-US- voices to strategy conversations with their knowledge and experience about the dynamics of a specific region or community.  
  • Representation and community building in your region(s).