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On May 10, 2012, a bug report requesting that the updateArticleCount.php maintenance script be run on all language editions of Wiktionary and Wikisource was acted upon, resulting in 60 of those wikis surpassing or falling below one or more of the article-count milestones tracked at Wikimedia News. The observed changes in article counts are shown in the tables at Article counts revisited/2012-05-10 recount changes.

Since it was clear at the time that the article counts would need to be updated on the other Wikimedia content wikis (which happened on 29 March 2015), the tables below were created to show the changes that would have occurred if the maintenance script were run on each of these wikis on the day that wiki's database was most recently dumped.

Key for all tables:

  • wiki name – linked to the Main Page of the wiki
  • date dumped – date of database dump on which information is based
  • articles before – article count based on the site_stats.sql dump (equivalent to the count given by an API request for "statistics", and on the wiki itself by {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} or Special:Statistics)
  • articles after – article count based on the page.sql and pagelinks.sql dumps (i.e., following the "link" definition of what constitutes an article and thus emulating what the updateArticleCount.php script does)
  • change – after minus before
  • pct change – relative change in article count, as a percentage of the "before" count
  • level before / level after – which milestone level (among those tracked at Wikimedia News) the wiki would be at, before and after recounting
  • level change – change, if any, in milestone level

Note that the tables are sorted initially by the "articles before" column, in reverse numerical order. Since no secondary sort key was used, any "ties" are listed in an arbitrary order. (For help with multi-level table sorting, see Help:Sorting#Secondary sortkey.)



  • 3 Wikipedias would have risen to new milestone levels and 26 would have fallen to lower levels.


Things to note:


Things to note:

  • No Wikiquotes would have risen to new milestone levels but 30 would have fallen to lower levels.
  • The Alemannic Wikiquote exists as a separate namespace within that language's Wikipedia, so it was not included in the analysis.


Things to note:

  • No Wikinews languages would have risen to new milestone levels but 11 would have fallen to lower levels.
  • The Alemannic Wikinews and Low German/Low Saxon Wikinews exist as separate namespaces within their respective language Wikipedias and so were not included in the analysis.


Note: 1 Wikiversity would have risen to a new milestone level and 2 would have fallen to lower levels.