Article counts revisited/2015-03-29 milestone changes

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On 29 March 2015, the updateArticleCount.php maintenance script was run on all Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikinews, Wikiversity, and Wikivoyage wikis. The following table lists article counts and milestone levels for the 68 wikis that changed milestone levels tracked at Wikimedia News. This information was collected off-wiki by a Perl script written (and periodically run) by User:Dcljr.

(For more context, see Article counts revisited.)

Assuming the updateArticleCount.php script executed when it was supposed to (05:00 UTC on 29 March 2015), the data below was collected about 2 hours before that script was run, at 02:55 UTC on 29 March 2015, and 21 hours after it was started, at 01:50 UTC on 30 March 2015. (It is not clear how long it took the script to complete the recounting process.)

Note that the "%chg" column gives the percent by which the article count changed from before to after the running of the maintenance script; the "%off" column gives the percent by which the "before" article count different from the "after" (i.e., "true") article count. Thus, the former is a chronological "percent change" and the latter is a "percent error".