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Please write in details on areas such as

  • Event planning: The Two-days workshop was held in Rains Inn Hotel located at Paltanbzar,Guwahati. All the events were conduced in the conference room. The planning was not clumsy and was participant-friendly.
  • Training: The training went well. Several sessions were held in those two days covering various aspects of Wikisource.The Presentations were quite beneficial. Explanations provided by the trainers and Administrator had really educated me in terms of technicalities. The training was not only informative but at the same time it was inspiring.The Training sessions motivated us to do some real serious work in Wikipedia and Wikisource so as to uplift the status of our mothertongue in the gigantic world of Internet.
  • Logistics:I found no problem in this area.
  • Management: It was great. We didn't find difficulty in any of the things,Whether it was staying in the hotel or asking questions to the organizers.

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  • Please summarize your experience in this program in 2-3 sentences? (How was you experience, was it helpful? Be innovative! You may write in text, or upload a video/audio etc)
A: It was indeed a very great experience. All the sessions were conducted systematically.Both the Trainers were very friendly to us. They completely erased off the stress and anxiety that I always used to accumulate before such type of educational workshops. For me, It changed the monotonous definition of Workshop. After completion of the two days of workshop, I found myself very happy and refreshed. The meeting and greeting with our community members, learning new things together were some of the moments that were filled with sheer happiness and joy. At the same time,I,As an Assamese Wikipedian,realized the importance and impact of such kind of fruitful learning experience. Needless to say, The Two-Days of Assamese Wikisource Workshop,conducted by CIS-AIK has benefited me both technically and personally. I am grateful to them.
  • Please explain what went well during the workshop?(write in details, please)
A: The best part of the workshop in my view was the self-introduction of the participants held at the beginning of the workshop and the video-recording of the group interviews that was held towards the end of day two. Both the events were interesting where all of us had the chance of expressing our thoughts and perspectives towards Wikipedia and Wikisource. We also had the opportunity to listen and learn the views put forwarded by our fellow members. The video session was a bit scary for me as I had a genuine fear towards camera. But at the end it went well and the output almost astounded me. Both the sessions were fresh,beautiful,and engaging.
  • Please explain what are the areas that can be improved and would you have liked to be different?(how could we improve the workshop, write in details, please)
It would have been better if the technical learning sessions were held for a bit longer duration. Besides this,everything was organised well.
  • What did you learn in the program?
I learnt about the basics of Wikipedia,Wikisource and Wikimedia. I was very new to the Assamese Wikisource having almost zero knowledge about the tips and tricks of the process. Thanks to the two days Wikisource Workshop that had helped me in a significant way. I am pretty much sure that the knowledge I had gathered regarding digitizing a book, or uploading media files in Wikimedia will keep helping me in the coming days.
  • What learning you gained from this program will you share with other community members and how?
With my community members, I could share the knowledge of editing,OCR-ing and validating a book in Wikisource.The basic editing skills of Wikipedia and Wikisource could also be shared with them. I can write them the procedures or provide them the instruction in my free time.
  • What are the future activities you wanted to plan after this event?
I have decided to promote and publicize the benefits of digitization to the people and students around me. Moreover, I have started to search for old books and journals that can be uploaded and digitized in Wikisource.