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Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
  • All month. End of the Wikipedian in Residence project at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC). See the calendar. Kippelboy
  • December 3. Meeting to prepare the project with the Ateneu Barcelonès. Kippelboy Barcelona
  • December 4. Meeting with the City Council of Barceloan for the project ICUB (museums, 2013). Kippelboy
  • December 5. Meeting of the Wikiclub at the Girona Art Museum. Kippelboy
  • December 9. Meeting with City Council to Wikiproject 1714, about Spanish Succession War. Kippelboy
  • December 9. Meeting with the Editors Guild of Catalonia to explain Wikisource. Kippelboy
  • December 9. Meeting with Arquinfad (Fostering Arts and Design) to discuss possible Wikipedia project. Kippelboy
  • December 11. Meeting with the National Archive of Catalonia to discuss a proposal for 2013. Kippelboy
  • December 12. Meeting with Cerdanyola Art Museum to discuss a proposal for 2013. Kippelboy
  • December 12. Meeting at Ateneu Barcelonès to discuss a proposal for 2013. Kippelboy Barcelona
  • December 12. Meeting of the Wikiclub at the Girona Art Museum. Kippelboy
  • December 19. Meeting of the Wikiclub at the Girona Art Museum. Kippelboy
  • December 19. Presentation of the Report Wikipedian in Residence at the MNAC. Kippelboy

Educational projects[edit]

Wiki Ars Project
  • All month. It carries out the Viquiprojecte Viquimodernisme Wikiproject with the Research Group on the History of Art and Contemporary Design at the University of Barcelona.
  • All month. It carries out the Viquiprojecte Arxivística ESAGED with the School of Archival and Records Management of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • All months. WikiArS keeps going on
    • December 10 . Meeting at the Faculty of Geology of the UB faculty and researchers, geologists and geophysicists to explain experiences as a scientific advisor Daniel Garcia Castellanos (CSIC) and the Angels Canals Sabate (UB) made with art students and invite them to get involved, and to define assignments advice. Dvdgmz
    • December 13 . Meeting at the Art School of Manresa with the director and the teacher responsible for students practices, along with Fidel Garcia (geologist) to discuss the students will dot professional practices at Amicals if assignments may be made. Dvdgmz
    • December 17. Follow-up meeting and workshop publication on Commons with 5 Llotja students who are creating portraits of the twentieth century to Wikipedia Professor Alicia Gallego. Meeting with Professor Luis Casado of scientific illustration commissions to start on mammals with their students. Dvdgmz
    • Launching the portal wikiArS on Wikimedia Outreach wiki, to raise awareness and facilitate replication of the initiative in other countries.Dvdgmz , Catgirl, Capsot
    • Publication of wikiArS initiative in Catalonia at Education Newsletter This Month in Education – Volume 1, Issue 5, December 2012 Dvdgmz, Catgirl

Workshops and Courses[edit]

Open Data[edit]

The Winner of Wiki Loves Monuments CAT 2012 with his award. Congrats!
  • December 1. THE LAB Barcelona Conference Organization, the Fabra i Coats factory in Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • December 9. Follow-up meeting of the group Catalunya Dades (Catalonia Data), preparing projects for 2013. Kippelboy


  • December 13. Conference Catalan Wikipedia and library system: work in progress by Eugenia Sierra, director of the National Library of Catalonia and Carmen Fenoll, Head of Libraries of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Barcelona.
  • Bonart Davidpar
  • Bits CatalansDavidpar
  • VilaWeb
  • Ara


  • December 13. Participation in the presentation of Wikiartmap by de Province Government of Girona. Kippelboy
  • December 18. Delivery of an iPad to the winner of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 CAT.
  • December 21. Visit Citilab to analyze the possible Amical official venue.