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Amical Wikimedia/November 2012

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Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya
  • All month. Wikipedian in residence at the National Art Museum of Catalonia. See the calendar at [1]. Kippelboy
  • November 7. Meeting with Ciro Llueca, from the Library of Catalonia and PADICAT. Kippelboy
  • November 7. Wiki workpshop at the Girona Art Museum. Kippelboy
  • November 12. Meeting with Toni Soler, chief curator of the 1714 spanish succession war project. Kippelboy
  • November 13. Meeting with Lluís Vicente, director of the Library of the Ateneu Barcelonés (Barcelona Athenaeum). Kippelboy
  • November 15. Meeting with the Librarian of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • November 16. Meeting with the Joan Miró Foundation. Preparing a 35 hour edita-thon for 2013. Kippelboy
  • November 19. Meeting up with Concha Rodà to talk about Wikiproject MNAC (National Art Museum) for 2013. Kippelboy
  • November 21. Wiki workpshop at the Girona Art Museum.
  • November 22. Assistance to the 13th Catalan Conference for Information and Documentation at the Library of Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • November 27. Meeting with Cartographic Institute of Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • November 28. Wiki workpshop at the Girona Art Museum.
  • November 29. Attendance at the "Second Conference on Heritage Library: Documents today for tomorrow's society." Kippelboy
  • November 29. Meeting with Pepe Zapata, from the Mercat de les Flors a performing arts center in Barcelona. Kippelboy

Wiki Loves Monuments

Andorra Winner: Església de Sant Miquel d'Engolasters by Àngela Llop
Catalan winner: Pont del Petroli by Satopek

Educational projects

  • All month. Viquimodernisme project, an ongoing project to improve Catalan Modernisme articles on Wikipedia, in Collaboration with the Research Group on the History of Art and Contemporary Design at the University of Barcelona and more than 100 students.
  • All month. Arxivística Wikiproject, an ongoing project to improve Archivist science articles on Catalan Wikipedia, in Collaboration with Arxivist school of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and more than 20 students.
  • November 13. Second meeting with Escola d'Art de Vic Vic' arts school in order to define orders and answer queries of the wikiArS initiative.Dvdgmz
  • November 27. Wikis and education intervention "Talleres teaching digital anthropology" in the seminar VICOM Virtualidades Compartidas]) to UOC / MediaTic (Poble Nou, Barcelona). Dvdgmz
  • November 29 and 30. 4 workshops "Wikis: Publishing and organization of contents" the faculty of the Universidad Internacional_de_La_Rioja in the Emergentes Ist International Congress on Technologies and Society in Logroño. Dvdgmz
  • Announces the final results of Viquifabricació wikiproject, done with the Society of Engineering productions: Sociedad de Ingeniería de Fabricación. Arnaugir

Workshops and Courses

  • November 7. Welcome to Wikipedia course for technicians of the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • November 20. Welcome to Wikipedia course for library service managers of the Barcelona Libraries Network. Kippelboy
  • November 23. Wiki training for professionals of the Picasso Museum. Kippelboy
  • November 27. Welcome to Wikipedia course for library service managers of the Barcelona Libraries Network. Kippelboy
  • November 28. Course: Museums and New Technologies for the Foundation for Advanced Studies in Olot. Kippelboy

Open Data





  • November 22. Interview with Marsal Mora, from Blendercat (Catalan Blender Community), at the Documentation Centre of Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, preparing a documentary on Free Knowledge Kippelboy
  • Wikiproject Setmana de la Ciència 2012. Arnaugir