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Amical Wikimedia/October 2012

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Gender gap: Women editing at the Girona Art Museum
  • wikiArS:
    • October 4. First meeting of EDRA students with Àngels Canals at Faculty of Geology of Barcelona University to advise them about illustration drawings about Naica Mine. Dvdgmz
    • October 10. Meeting with Badalona Museum so that can advise students from Pau Gargallo school. Margarida Abras, Dvdgmz, Galazan
  • October 5. Meeting with Tomás Saorín from Wikimedia España. Kippelboy
  • October 9. First meeting with Barcelona University's Library Science and Documentation Faculty. Kippelboy
  • October 10. Meeting with Manel Miré about a conference at UB's IL3 in December. Kippelboy
  • October 15. Wikipedia+GLAM presentation at Archives School of Autonomous University of Barcelona (ESAGED). Kippelboy
  • Viquifabricacó: peer review, panel of judges voting. Arnaugir


Tech wikimeetup in Barcelona
  • October 18. Wikipedia conference at La Volcànica d'Olot meeting. Kippelboy
  • October 22. Meeting about MACBA's new website: compatible licenses. Kippelboy
  • October 22. Meeting with Barcelona's libraries to prepare november workshops. Kippelboy
  • October 24. Workshop for Museu de les Arts Escèniques curators. Kippelboy
  • October 24. Wikipedia workshop at Museu d'Art de Girona. Kippelboy
  • October 30. Meeting with DHUB to talk about a future project in 2013. Kippelboy
  • October 31. Wikipedia workshop at Museu d'Art de Girona. Kippelboy


  • Wiki Loves Monuments CAT jury
  • October 25. Meeting at Fabra and Coats to visit possible new Amical's headquarters. Kippelboy
  • October 29. Meeting to prepare social media strategy 2013. Davidpar and Kippelboy
  • Talks with Escola de l'IGOP about the possible new Amical's headquarters. Lilaroja
  • Exchange of information with Wikimedia Foundation about the Amical's role.