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AvoinGLAM 2023

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AvoinGLAM 2023


The work in 2023 focused mainly on realizing Wiki Loves Living Heritage.

In addition to the key projects, we are planning to maintain a regular program around issues regarding new challenges to open cultural heritage in the form of webinars, presentations or workshops. They are serving the Finnish GLAM community, but are also directed to a global audience on a case by case basis.

We are planning to fundraise for two of our longstanding projects, that are not covered by the plan: Wikidocumentaries project and Hack4OpenGLAM co-creation event. We also have the opportunity to run a more local Hack4FI instead of a global online Hack4OpenGLAM.

The rough plan below describes the main elements in our funding application. The funding decisions may force us to cut or change the activities.

Core group 2023

  • Tove Ørsted
  • Tuomas Nolvi
  • Kimberli Mäkäräinen
  • Kaj Arnö
  • Maria Virtanen
  • Aki Pohjankyrö
  • Kristen Tcherneshoff
  • Julia Brungs (in private capacity)
  • Ranjit Menon
  • Tuukka Hastrup
  • Minna Turtiainen
  • Rupesh Vyas
  • Andrew Gryf Paterson



Wiki Loves Living Heritage


The project has focused on the following goals:

  • Bring together Wikimedia affiliates, focal points and heritage communities to work together on program related to living heritage, and together develop further the formats that they are already working on.
  • Facilitate bringing data about the world's living heritage to Wikimedia projects, in order to give them visibility, and to allow the topics to be enriched and interconnected through constant work though the collaborations.
  • Explore best practices to challenges in open sharing of living heritage, where living people and communities as well and vulnerable forms of heritage are involved.

Most of AvoinGLAM 2023 funding was directed towards the project, but significant external funding was required to allow focusing on the project rather completely during 2023.

We wish to thank European Heritage Days, Workshop intangible heritage Flanders & Flemish Commission for UNESCO in Belgium, Quebec Council for Living Heritage, Finnish Heritage Agency, Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage, and Swiss Federal Office of Culture for their support!

The campaign main page is in Wiki Loves Living Heritage, and the project's metrics page can be accessed at Wiki Loves Living Heritage/Metrics. The event log for this project can be found on the project main page.

Highlighted activities




Wikidocumentaries is a central piece of the AvoinGLAM proposal for a media commons. It is meant to be a browser for linked open materials across repositories, and a workshop platform for user contributions. With the support from the General fund we were able to mentor a Google Summer of Code intern to create a workflow for uploading images from Wikidocumentaries to Structured Data on Commons.

Postponed / cancelled activities


Case studies and experiments – Crisis and GLAM – We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to arrange experimental activities for exploring the reuse of open cultural heritage materials and advancing the digital competencies in the culture & heritage domain. Furthermore, we wish to develop formats to confront destruction and degeneration of cultural heritage by means available to open culture advocates. This year did not provide opportunities for dedicated activities, but these themes are constantly considered in all our planning.

Dataviz – The collaboration between AvoinGLAM, Aalto University, Visualizing knowledge conference and Wiki World Heritage was postponed due to partners' capacity issues. A collaboration with the Aalto University information design studies is planned for 2024.

Outreach & training – With the full focus on Wiki Loves Living Heritage, AvoinGLAM focused less on activities that have been characteristic for previous years: workshops, webinars, capacity building beyond Wiki Loves Living Heritage.

Office & team

  • Administration & documentation. AvoinGLAM coordinator runs the activities. AvoinGLAM works mostly remotely, but has a base at URBAN3 premises at Maria01.
  • AvoinGLAM core meetings. AvoinGLAM is not incorporated, and OKFI functions as the fiscal sponsor. Currently the board activities have been conducted by a group of regular members, but the board of OKFI
  • Representation & participation. The coordinator will represent AvoinGLAM in various committee meetings. The volunteer members can additionally/alternatively represent AvoinGLAM.

Community activities

  • Community meetups AvoinGLAM contributes to promoting open access to cultural heritage in the global context, advocating in Finland with the Finnish community. We arrange a few meetups for the community to come together, in addition to programmatic activities.
  • Participating at events The coordinator will attend (online or in person) seminars, festivals, summits, or hackathons. We will support overall 5 in-person attendances at relevant events for community members.
  • Working groups The coordinator takes part in strategic or thematic community activities in Wikimedia, Creative Commons and others. Volunteer members are invited to join the activities.

AvoinGLAM at GLAM Wiki 2023


Going forward, AvoinGLAM is starting to establish governance practices to ensure stable operations. This includes more controlled strategic planning as well as better defined participation structures.

In GLAM Wiki 2023, AvoinGLAM presented altogether 5 different presentations from four presenters.