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Bole Wikimedians User Group

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Welcome to

       Bole Wikimedians User Group

Bole Wikimedians User Group is an unrecognized group of Wikimedia volunteers who work on several wiki projects related to Bole culture and language across the world. It is founded by active contributors of Bole-speaking community of Wikimedia projects. It aims to increase the number of quality content in Bole language. Wikimedians of Bole Wikimedians Community User Group are devoted to work for the Wikimedia (Free Knowledge) movement in Bole language also known as boo pikka. Membership to this group is open to all interested individuals.


  • Disseminating the ideas of Wikimedia Movement;
  • Promote and encourage use of Bole on all Wikimedia projects;
  • Introducing Wikipedia and sister projects to more Bole people;
  • Recruiting people to become contributors (obtaining more community members);
  • Helping on cooperation and maintaining the community standards;
  • Spread and promote the idea of being a Wikimedian among the Bole people through online activities and physical outreach in schools, communities, institutions, libraries and more;
  • Organizing members online and physical meetings;
  • Helping the growth and development of other Bole-based Wikimedia projects.



This user group plans to hold and support the following activities:

  • Meetings the user group will be organising meet-ups for its members in order to exchange ideas and to find ways to support them to continue editing the projects in areas where they would need help.
  • Edit-a-thons to help new Wikipedians learn editing techniques, to create, translate and improve the content in all Wikimedia projects or work on and develop a certain topic which will in return promote the project.
  • Editing contests the group will be organizing editing contests to encourage existing regular editors to keep editing Wikimedia projects and also encourage non-members/users to join.
  • Photographic Contest and trips the group will also organise trips and contests to encourage users to upload and document files to commons which will be used in all Wikimedia projects.

Planned Activities and Projects


Following are the activities we will carry out in the next few months:

  • Conducting Workshops and Meetups
  • Bole Wikipedia Awareness Campaign in Yobe, Bauchi and Gombe state.
  • Encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education and culture.
  • Photo walk of Bole culture and heritage
  • Creation of Vital articles in Bole Wikipedia Incubator

Contact Persons


Interested in participating


The group warmly welcomes anyone willing to be part of the group. As we also look forward to recruiting new members, if you would like to be part of the User Group, please add your username below or communicate with the above listed contacts.

If you do not have the account, create it here Create Account



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Contact Information


Please reach us from our Discussion page or via email: bolewikimedia@gmail.com

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