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Problem Statement


short wiki pages have some advantages, and long wiki pages have some advantages, but having both versions is duplicitous... unless a solution is found

  • wiki pages longer than 32 k break some browser editors.
  • long wiki pages require large amounts of scrolling, which is really difficult on mac pOS X
  • short wiki pages require manual "what's next" links

Feature Request


there needs to be a way to embed idividual ideas and chapters into one binder.. Bugzilla:382 is for this

a way to sew wiki pages together, so that pages can be ordered, and organized into chapters, that do not interfere with the rest of the category system.

a way to bond multiple wiki pages together.

a way to embed many wikipages into one page.

for documentation,

wiki page ordering


could be done in javascript, even a users javascript setup, so long as a variable can be written to from the wiki page content...

If a variable were written that contains a list of pages, in order, a users javascript file could create the previous/next entries, and the javascript can rewrite all of the URL's on the page that match the current website (yes, it sucks, but it works), to include pagelist=blah_blah2,blah3,blah4,blah5 so that the next page, which also loads the user javascript, can have that data continue on.. http://escargot.icehouse.net/incor/index2.htm has been hacked on to contain some really nifty hidden features like URL rewriting from javascript.

Another javascript way of doing this, is to spawn a child window with the proper list. This could be done with privileged templates that are allowed to contain banned html . These should only be editable by people with sysop status.

The other java



for example, it would be nice to list all of the problem statements on one page, while still having them be individually sortable, and have the problem statement embedable into many other pages, so that statement doesn't have to be rewritten, and becomes written more precicely..

project: wikibooks is what needs this...

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