Book management 2013/Mentor's notes

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This is just a proposal, depends on the availability of student

Deliverables (pre-code time)[edit]

  • Task(Community bonding period)
    • Complete the checklist
    • Define carefully, "what, how, where and when" will be done.
  • What will be done in the project
    • Write related documentation (Benchmark)
    • Write "features" document
    • Write design notes(include wireframe, mockup etc)
    • Write technical notes
    • Write, documentation and test plan
  • How the project will be done
    • PHP
    • MSQL, JSON, data model.
    • HTML+CSS+JavaScript(JQuery)
    • UX Design
    • Mediawiki
      • Read documentation(made list).
      • Try it: Develop simple extension, just to try.
  • Where the project will be done
    • Project management: Bugzilla
    • Code management
      • Production(code time): Git and Gerrit Wikimedia
      • Test and learn(pre-code time): Github
    • Communication:
      • IRC: GorillaWarfare on Freenode
      • E-mail: gorillawarfarewikipedia(_AT_)
      • Wiki: User:GorillaWarfare (most active on English Wikipedia and English Wikisource)
  • When the project will be done

Deliverables (code time)[edit]

I believe we need to submit two independent stable parts. Otherwise just taking too much time trying to finish the entire code, and we will have no usable code to deadline.

When this is ready When this is stable Feature Bug Dependencies Details
July 14 July 31 Create basic tool for reading books(group of pages) bug 50386 Tree This means, having a reading interface that can provide relatively stable metadata, list of chapters and links to prev/next chapters in, at least, one book
August 6 August 20 Create an tool for edit books(group of pages) that reduces the learning curve bug 51239 Tree This means that the learning time to create/edit a book with this editing tool should be reduced, at least, by half
August 21 - September 6
  • Test plan
  • Documentation
    • Basic documentation in extension page Done(partial)
    • Make a screencast showing the fun
  • Review queue
    • Create Extension: page for the extension Done(extension page)
    • Request a component in the WMF Bugzilla instance Done(request - component)
    • Get the extension code in git/gerrit Done(request - git)
    • Ensure your extension is properly translatable.
    • Make a screencast showing the fun
    • Request a design review (especially needed if the extension affects any user facing functionality)
    • Request a performance and security reviews
    • Show community support/desire for the extension to be deployed (most likely applicable)
    • Create a tracking bug (see above) for the extensions deployment to WMF servers
      • This bug should only concern that issue, any sub-issues should be separate bugs that are marked as "blocking" this bug
September 7 - September 16
  • Everything was planned is ready. Start working on the "if times permits" list.
September 17 - September 27
  • Use this time to stabilize "if times permits" list, or organize the timeline in case of unforeseen.