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Bookshelf Grants

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Do you need to print materials about Wikipedia or its sister projects for your outreach activities? Does your chapter lack funding to do this on its own? Then you can apply for money through this simplified grants process.

This is how it works


The Wikimedia Foundation wants to make it easier for chapters and individuals to use the Bookshelf materials, and to encourage the development of more educational content. That's why the WMF set up this simple procedure:

  1. Fill in the application below. It will only take five minutes to submit. Apply no later than 2–4 weeks before you need the money. Your application will be open for everyone to read.
  2. You can ask for a maximum of 5,000 USD. Lower requests are accepted more often and are considered more quickly. Please be considerate of other groups when you ask for funds, as we have a limited budget.
  3. Use the money for what you applied.
  4. Report on what you did with the money within 2 months of the event – with pictures!

This process only deals with printing (and related costs) of Bookshelf materials. For any other projects, you should apply through the normal grants process: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Index.

Apply here


Create your mini grant application by adding the text "Minigrants:WM [code]/[title]" below, where [code] is the country code of your chapter, and [title] is the title of your request, i.e. the event for which you are printing the materials . So, the full page name would be, for example, "Minigrants:WM ES/Drumbeat festival". Then click the "⧼Createarticle⧽" button, and you should see a self-explanatory page.

Note: If you are an individual or come from a chapter that is still forming or is not yet approved by the Wikimedia Foundation, use the code ”XX”, as in ”Minigrants:XX/[Event]”.



We want to know what happened with the Bookshelf materials. By accepting funds, you agree that you will:

  1. Provide receipts or documentation for all expenses that paid for or reimbursed by this grant. (These must be kept on file in case of need for review.)
  2. Write a report within 2 months using the form below, with links to freely licensed pictures of the event. The report shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to write.
  3. Send money back if you didn't use it or if you never printed the material. If you were able to achieve your proposed activity under budget, the WMF requires that you return all unused funds or submit a request to reallocate remaining funds to other mission activities. Please contact the Wikimedia Foundation at the time of your report's submission for instructions on how to return or reallocate these funds.

Report here


Please create a report by adding the text "Minigrants:WM [code]/[title]/Report" below, where [code] is the country code of your chapter, and [title] is the title of your project, then click "⧼Createarticle⧽" to see an explanation page. (For example, a full pagename would be "Minigrants:WM ES/Drumbeat festival/Report.")

Contact wolliff (at) wikimedia (dot) org for more information.