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What you are looking at is our new brand manual. We have not changed a lot, but we have tried to make it more accessible for our world wide community. This is a brief summary.


Our logo remains the same. However, we have made new templates and guidelines for how you should use the logo, and how you can make your own!


We are still using the same two typefaces we have previously used: Montserrat and Source Serif Pro. We have redefined the hierarchy, and elaborated on how to use them.


The tricolor red, green and blue palette is still an important part of our brand, but we have also expanded the palette to include colors from Wikipedia's 20th birthday and other colors that was already in use by the community. They have also been adjusted for accessibility, as it is important that our messages can reach everyone.


We have created new templates for logos, social media and presentations. We have have used Figma, a free software that runs in the browser, so anyone can use them. Even if you are not a designer, you should be able to create your own assets with these new templates!


The Wikimedia Foundation logo, how to use it and how to make your own.


We use open source fonts, which you can read about and download here.


The new update contains a new colour palette, for varied and vivid expressions.


Suggestions for how to use photos and illustrations.


Here you will find templates for creating your own logos, social media content and presentation decks.


Guide on attributing Wikimedia content.