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WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Illustration 1.png

Illustrations can really make your content come to life. We have used line illustrations for a while, and we like this style. We also really like the WP20 illustrations that Karabo Poppy Moletsane and Jasmina El Bouamraoui made. We prefer to use them in one colour, in a big scale. It’s a large set of illustrations, so there is lots to choose from – find one that suits your message!

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Illustration 2.png

They work well in black and white, or in combination with our expanded colour palette.

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Imagery Illustration 3.png

When using the illustrations, do not make them smaller than 1.25 inches / 31.75 mm wide.

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Illustration 4.png

Image style[edit]

Photography is an essential part of communication — and an important tool for us to communicate values and personality. Picking the right photos can be challenging, so we have gathered a few tips to get you started.

Schoolgirls in Bamozai.JPG


Feel free to pick any subject that supports your message, but stay away from anything that can be found offensive. Think about how the photo can communicate ‘community’ and ‘knowledge’, which is what we’re all about. Photos of people tend to grab attention and evoke emotions. Cityscapes and nature photography can set a nice mood and context for your message. These are good places to start.

Happy life.jpgWikimedia Hackathon Prague 2019 - Group Photo - CLK.png
Sossusvlei, Namibia, 2018-08-06, DD 040.jpg

Quality and resolution[edit]

Make sure the photo you choose is high quality, high resolution and with the intended subject in focus. A good rule of thumb is that photos intended for screen use should have a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels (or 1080 x 1920).


Make sure you have the rights to use the chosen photo, and be sure to credit the photographer/creator.


Putting text over a full bleed photo can make your message pop! Just make sure it has a nice contrast with either black or white, so the text is legible and clear. Don’t place text on top of the subject/focal point of the photo, such as faces, people or buildings.

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Imagery Text.png

Left: J. Herzog / CC BY 4.0. Right: © A.Savin, WikiCommons. The examples above have sufficient contrast with the background, and don’t cover any important elements in the photo.

We encourage you to stay away from applications like the ones below, they are too difficult to read.

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Imagery Text Donts.png

Left: L. Gottschalk / CC0 1.0. Right: R. Eisele / CC BY 4.0


Below you can find a selection of photos from Commons you are free to use for your content.