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Brazilian kick off of the Education Program in 2013 led by the community![edit]

Professors Rafael Pezzi and Fabio Azevedo, working as truly Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors

Continuing the work carried out in 2012, that included running a pilot and raising awareness on the Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil, Rafael Pezzi and Fabio Azevedo, both professors at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), have been the first ones to create their own courses pages for the project. Fabio Azevedo has been a Wikipedia editor for a long time and has helped Rafael Pezzi in implementing Wikipedia activities in the classroom last year. And there are more good news: five of their students from the last school term are willing to help as ambassadors and other professors from the same university are joining the program because of their outreach activities. Fabio is also organizing for may outreach activities in the University Conference that will happen in May. More professors and initiatives of the Brazil Catalyst to come soon!