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Classroom model[edit]


  1. It is going to be professor driven
  2. Online support through a centralized channel of communication in Wikipedia, although students still can contact ambassadors directly or use a facebook group created for that
  3. We are going to include high school professors willing to use Wikipedia, but with light support (not to extensively improve articles, but to make reflexions on its content or make small corrections, such as the text grammar and typos)


  1. How are we going to evaluate professors that can lead a class with Wikipedia assignments?
  2. How can we use the ongoing courses to better improve the online tutorials?



  1. How many students and professors can we work next school term?
  2. Can we have translation courses students only translating without using Wikipedia and then ask to wikipedians add their translations online? Although we should stimulate students to add their content on Wikikipedia as well and offer workshops with wikipedians to do so.
  3. How to choose the good articles from other Wikipedians for translating?

Revitalize WikiProjects[edit]


  1. How many WikiProjects can we work in one semester to successfully achieve a self-organized group?
  2. How can we bring the maximum number of experts in a particular field of knowledge to contribute to a WikiProject?
  3. How are we going to assess a WikiProject success?
  4. Can a successful WikiProject serve as example for other WikiProjects on Portuguese Wikipedia in the mid term?


  1. Invite existing editors to a particular WikiProject based on their edits
  2. Invite recent accounts with postive edits to the related WikiProject
  3. Invite by e-mail and through outreach activities and resources experts and students to a particular WikiProject of their field

Inviting based on edits of a particular subject[edit]

What we need:

  • the recent changes os all articles of a particular category and all its subcategories