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This semester[edit]

  • Mid-semester review: have mid-semester review with professors
    • Bring Frank in for this; probably in May
    • Tom to get back to Frank about dates for this in the next two weeks
    • we should ask them if they would be interested in doing this - how are they feeling about a time in May?
  • Mid-semester review: Have mid-semester review with campus ambassadors and other community members
    • separate them from professors so that everyone can share candidly
    • perhaps do a photowalk to connect with the broader community
      • partner with the architecture department on this!
  • End of semester review: bigger education program meeting
    • purpose: sharing of information and community building
    • All the ambassadors and professors
    • Similar to the US Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit
    • maybe about 30 people
    • 2-3 days
      • 2 days internal and new professors if interested
      • 1 day with more media and new professors
    • Make it global! perhaps fly in one of the OAs from Portugal?
    • Note: coordinate with Annie about Cairo trip so that Frank can attend to both of them

Next semester[edit]

  • Add professors names to a list of potential candidates for next semester
  • IF everything is a success - scale from 6 classes up to 12-18 classes
    • Perhaps too big of growth; want to focus on expanding to different cities more than just classes
    • Depends on different types of classes options - assignments
  • Geographic expansion of program
    • Con: Creates lack of community for ambassadors - they can't substitute for people, they don't know each other
    • Pro: promotes cultural expansion outside of the SP and Rio hubs
    • Requirements for Brazil: must have an OA from the region before having the program
    • Can match this with geographical outreach


  • Education program goes under BRAZIL, to report through Oona, versus going through GLOBAL EDUCATION PROGRAM, going through Frank.
  • Staffing: probably need two part time employees, splitting work across two regions of Brazil