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Encontro sobre Wikimedia Brasil (?) Educação[edit]


  • rjclaudio
  • OTAVIO1981
  • jwild
  • everton137
  • vini_175
  • domusaurea
  • Professor Edivaldo
  • Oona Castro


  • Nome: Vamos usar Wikimedia Brasil Educação?
  • Information Wikis
  • Embaixadores: recrutamento e treinamento

Primeira aula

  • Onde pedir ajuda (Café dos novatos, Mailing List)
  • Página de discussçao
  • Páginas vigiadas

Treinamento de embaixadores de campos

  • Otavio vai treinar todo mundo



  • Two options:
  1. Programa Wikipédia Educação
  2. Wikimedia Brasil Educação
  • Otavio: WBE is causing too much trouble, so it'd better to use Wikipedia Education Program.
  • Everton: only one person doesn't agree with "Wikimedia Brasil Educação"
  • Naming it "Wikimedia" makes it broader, so it could eventually include Wiktionary, Wikibooks, etc.
  • Jessie: the vision of this program is bigger than just Wikipedia! If Brazil wants to make this progarm their own, and not just be constrained to Wikipedia and the Foundation, then calling it "Wikimedia Brasil" will be much broader
  • Claudio: WBE facilitate the relation with other prograns of WB
  • Juliana: sorry to differ, but I understand that the two programs are different in scope. WBE is by nature broader, while PWE is a specific program for universities, with ambassadors. The second is part of the first.
  • conclusions: keep using " Wikimedia Brasil Educação" with the justification that the program is broader than Wikipedia

Information wikis[edit]

  • Meta: general information
  • pt.wikipedia: Courses information
  • Outreach: describe/translate the global program!

Embaixadores: recrutamento e treinamento[edit]

  • All ambassadors will support each other! Spirit of muitroes :)

Treinamento de embaixadores de campos

  • Otavio will train everybody
  • Few students will like to be a volunteer
  • Make use of NGO
  • Monitorship with certificate, maybe with money (pay for work with wiki? )
  • Students that like to discuss the education problem could be ambassators
  • Use of wikipedia to create a training program (WP:Tutorial))

Future recruitment of ambassadors[edit]

  • Vini has some ideas! -> Vini to put this proposal on the Wiki


  • Juliana: Monday Night | Otavio + Claudio?
    • A class of 30 for Archives Studies, still not sure about editing (if then, mostly discussion about concepts), because :
    • Problem: no computer lab available for either
  • Edivaldo: Tuesday / Thursday Afternoon (15h ~ 17h) | 10-15 students | Vini + Otavio?
    • Class starts the 5th of March

Cronogram of classes[edit]

First class

  • Where to get help (Café dos novatos, Mailing List)
  • Discussion pages
  • Watch pages

The time to teach avbout wikipedia should be close to the mnoment that they will use the wiki

Why be ambassador

  • Learn more about wikipedia, and about the subject of the class

plan for working with the community[edit]

  • Otavio to personally invite the Online Ambassadors
  • Use templates on students' articles and userpages
    • This can create a category to follow easily

Next Steps[edit]

  • Vini: Create proposal on the wiki with the plan for recruiting ambassadors for the future
  • Otavio: put on WP:Tutorial the proposal for the training (including links to materials)
  • Template:Who??: write up on the wiki the proposed name of the program ("Wikimedia Brazil Educação"), and propose a majority decision
  • Edivaldo & Vini: schedule time to sit down and go through timeline of program
  • Otavio: will look up the students of Fabio's class and see which articles they were editing

Do instructional videios about wikipedia Everton: Talk with Teles about this videos, since he already started making one

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