Brazil Program/Reports/July Report 2013

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Institutional Partnerships[edit]

Data & Experiments[edit]

  • Under development:


- Onboarding of the new team - Planning meetings to define the future of the program and best approches to generate more results in middle/long terms - Contacts and meetings with current partners (introducing some of our partners and discussing continuity). - Contacts and meetings with potential partners for the program

  • Staff meeting to replan specific objectives and strategies
  • Revision and localization of tutorial materials being done by Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco

Meet-ups and events[edit]

8 Henrique Andrade, Oona Castro and Rodrigo Padula made presentations at the Free Software International Forum to outreach different audiences (developers, researchers, educators, potential editors) Presentations at FISL - thumb|direita|Palestra "Hackeie a Wikipédia!" durante o FISL14

  • Contacts to organize Hackthons - Hacklab and Garoa Hacker Club
  • Rodrigo Padula also spoke in the regional Free Software forum in Rio