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Partial report on program status in the mid of the semester of the second school term.

  • selected from the open call: + 14 (it was 15, but one didn't answer our e-mails)
  • who gave up/didn't have the criteria: -3
  • who joined later: +1
  • from the first term: + 2
  • affected by the strike: 8
  • total: 14 (one working not on her class, but mainly with workshops)

Courses (normal calendar)[edit]

General analysis

We have 7 courses that started in the normal calendar, Direito Sanitário (law), Design e Editoração (design and publishing), Equações Diferenciais (math), Atividades Acadêmico-Científico-Culturais (biology), Química Geral e Experimental (chemistry), Cidade e Imaginário (psychology) and Sociologia da Educação (sociology of education). Generally speaking about these 7 courses, 3 professors have answered (by e-mail and phone) that things are going well regarding articles creation and improvements, they are law, design and math. But in only one of theses courses we can directly verify considerable Wikipedia activities (about ~4000 character per article on law course), because one course haven't listed its articles sandboxs (math) and in the other the professor said the articles are offline (design). Other 3 courses have almost no edits and one course (sociology of education) has quit the program because the professor said he could find the infrastructure for students, differently from what he said in the open call.

Direito Sanitário (law)[edit]

Courses (affected by the strike)[edit]