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Business card files[edit]

If a chapter or affiliate member wishes to have business cards printed and does not have the appropriate files, write to


Any business cards printed with the Wikimedia trademarks must comply with the trademark policy. The marks should not be used in a way that suggests the endorsement or representation of the Wikimedia Foundation. If you have questions about your use of the marks, you can contact


This discussion was originally at official position. There's now a page on Internal wiki for this and more.

The following positions warrant an official Wikimedia business card:

  • Any position on the Board:
    • President
      President, Wikimedia Foundation
    • Chair
      Chair, Wikimedia Foundation
    • Vice-Chair
      Vice-Chair, Wikimedia Foundation
    • Executive Secretary
      Executive Secretary, Wikimedia Foundation
    • Treasurer
      Treasurer, Wikimedia Foundation
    • Member
      Board Member, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Founder (singleton group, of course)
    Founder, Wikipedia
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Financial Officer, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Lead Developer
    Lead, MediaWiki Developer Committee

The following positions get a mention if one has a card, but do not warrant a card:

  • Arbitrator (en)
    Member, English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee
I do not think this should be indicated at all. Anthere 16:59, 12 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • MediaWiki Developer
    Member, MediaWiki Developer Committee
  • Wikimedia Steward
    Wikimedia Steward
I do not think this should be indicated at all. This position means nothing in real life world. Anthere 16:59, 12 Mar 2005 (UTC)
See also Talk:Stewards/elections_2006-2#Business cards

Currently there isn't any particular process to getting a card; contact James F. ( to get him to make up yours, if appropriate. You may also contact w:fr:utilisateur:notafish or user:Elian.