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User account[edit]

Anyone working for CIS-A2K (except interns) have to create separate accounts for all their Wikimedia activities such as editing, uploading files, actions etc. As of 1 January 2019, they are strongly recommended to use their CIS-A2K account for their CIS works

Account name
Account name will be in this format: FirstName (CIS-A2K). If your name is John Doe, your account should be named John (CIS-A2K). Note this is case sensitive. Use the same casing and spacing.

  • John (CIS-A2K) YesY
  • JOHN (CIS-A2K) NoN
  • John (cis-a2k) NoN
  • John(CIS-A2K) NoN

Reveal your account
Your volunteer account and CIS-A2K account must have a link to each other explaining that you own the account.

Details on your CIS-A2K account's user page
You have to write in brief your designation and your responsibilities.

Email address
Please add an email address while signing up. It'll help you to recover your account, in case it is needed in future.

If you do not want to create an account with your first real name or if you find the username is already registeredreally? or unavailable, please contact the Program Manager Tito over email or on his talk page.