CIS-A2K/Indic Languages/Translated Articles Enhancement Project

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This project seeks to to enhance (rewrite, cleanup, and so on) the articles created across few Indic language wikipedias (atleast in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada) as part of Google Translation project or through other similar trasnlation efforts.

This initiative is very powerful because it has the potential for multiple benefits for the community. Following are some I could identify:

  • The most important is that it improves community collaboration. It is a tangible opportunity for community members to work and engage with each other on.
  • It also provides additional advantages by providing a hook to encourage editors who have left the projects to return. Some have left the projects because they are not happy with the quality of content.
  • It is also an opportunity to attract newbies to do specific tasks. Many times, newbies struggle with what exactly they can do on projects - and they find it difficult when they realise they feel they are all alone on something.
  • And most imprtant is, it will help respective language wikipedias to turn some of the existing articles into great articles.

In summary, while this project will improve content quality, the advantages are much larger in terms of community building.


  1. Enhance the introduction section. This might require to rewrite the introduction section to make it more reader friendly and a stronger summary of the subject.
  2. Remove red links (as done in this article in Tamil wiki)
  3. Remove red link templates ( or create new templates) (for example. this article)
  4. Remove redlink infoboxes ( or create new infoboxes) (for example, this article)
  5. Remove red link images (for example, this article)
  6. Correct the file name of images (for example, this article, and this article)
  7. Rename English only titles to Indic (for example this article)
  8. Rename the Indic + English titles to Indic title (for example this article, this article, and this article))
  9. Remove the extra space in the begining of paragraph (for example this article, and this article)
  10. Translate the English text in articles (especially quotations) to Indic (for example this article, and this article)
  11. Convert the external links inside text into references (for example this article)
  12. translate the English red links in Infobox to Indic. (For example, this article)
  13. Copyedit where ever possible. In so many of the articles, there is a large amount of copy editing that can be done to make it easier to read and remove grammatical errors & spelling mistakes. Overall, most of the articles have considerable scope for improvement in terms of content as well as WP:MOS.
  14. If there is no scope for improvement remove the junk content from the article. But retain atleast the introduction section by rewriting it.