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Tamil Wiki Internship Programme 2021 (தமிழ் விக்கித்திட்டம் உள்ளகப் பயிற்சி 2021) is the one month Internship programme designed for college students in Tamil Wikimedia projects by Tamil Wikimedia community in collaboration with CIS-A2K. This event is This is the second occurance in this series after successful completion of 2020 batch. In this programme, experienced wikimedian from various projects will train the students for complete one month period in Projects like Wikisource, Wikidata, wikicommons, Wiktionary and Wikipedia and set the goals for the students to contribute. At the end of programme, on completion of expected contribution from students, an internship Certificate will be handed-over.


Weekly Twice or Thrice Sessions through Online from May 27 2021 to June 26 2021 at zoom meeting room 99697349616, the pass:636944.

Programme Schedules.
Topics Date Trainer Notes
Inaguration May 27 4:30pm IST All
Wikisource 1 May 29 4:30pm IST User:Parvathisri
Wikisource 2 May 31 4:30pm IST User:Sridhar G
Wikidata June 4 4:30pm IST User:Balajijagadesh
Wikicommons June 6 4:30pm IST User:Bhuvana_Meenakshi
Wikidata 2 June 7 4:30pm IST User:Neechalkaran
Wiktionary 1 June 8 4:30pm IST User:Aarlin Raj A
Wiktionary - 2 June 11 4:30pm IST User:Info-farmer
Wikipedia -1 June 13 4:30pm IST User:Sivakosaran
Wikipedia -2 June 15 4:30pm IST User:TNSE Mahalingam VNR
Wikipedia - Language Usage June 17 4:30pm IST User:Fahimrazick
Wikipedia Translation June 19 4:30pm IST User:செல்வா
Wikipedia -3 June 22 4:30pm IST User:Sridhar G
Final day June 26 All

Participanting Colleges[edit]

  • Madurai Fatima College - 28 Students
  • Annai Teresa College - 18 Students
  • Madonna College -10 Students
  • Sri Sartha Women college - 2 Students
  • D.K.M. College for Women (Autonomous) - 5 Students


Below are the minimum expected contribution from Student to claim certificate.

  • Proof read at least 20 pages of any 2 books in wikisource
  • 40 edits including 20 new words creation in Wiktionary
  • Upload at least 5 files in Wiki Commons
  • Minimum 50 page edits in wikipedia with 5 new article creation
  • Minimum 100 edits in Wikidata




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