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Monthly Work Stream Work-Plans[edit]

Month Indic Languages Outreach Education Communications Community & Program Support Others
Mar 2012
  • Support community for establishing WikiProjects
  • Provide back-end support for new Wikimedia projects
  • Provide ground work for medical outreach to support Medical Translate WikiProject
  • On-going conversations to foster communication and collaboration with as many Indic wikipedians for as many different Indic communities as possible
  • Ongoing support to as many Indic wikipedians from as many different Indic communities as possible
  • Encourage as many community members to take part in outreach - and help those who want to participate but are not confident
  • Fix up as many outreach sessions as possible - especially in non-engineering in Delhi to support the Craft Museum GLAM initiative, medical outreach to support the medical translate WikiProject and for Indic languages
  • Plan out a women editathon to encourage community building amongst women editors as well as encourage newbie women editors
  • Explore potential for online outreach
  • Continuous improvement of outreach material
  • Prepare plan for redesign of IEP v2.0
  • Explore support to community on WikiPatrika
  • Initiate discussion on digital outreach - with the objective of putting in place a digital outreach plan that can be piloted
  • Initiate discussion on using social networks for Wikimedia community building - with the objective of putting in place a digital outreach plan that can be piloted
  • Explore, install & test CRM package for outreach
  • Initiate work on staying in touch with newbies post outreach session
  • Analyse newbie editing trends
  • Initiate basic accounting process
  • Manage office affairs
Apr 2012
  • We will continue our efforts to support local community building (across languages) with as many interested community members as we can effectively handle. This will primarily involve a combination of promoting collaboration (through Wikiprojects, for instance) as well as through helping grow communities by supporting community outreach efforts. Specifically in April, we foresee
  • continuing to support Kannada to build momentum and participation on their translation enhancement project
  • exploring the potential of offline for the Assamese community
  • helping the Nepali community with planning for their 10th anniversary as well as their medicine project)
  • leveraging the Crafts Museum GLAM opportunity to improve collaboration and communication within the existing Hindi community, and to introduce newbies to Hindi
  • providing advisory services to Bengali & Telugu wikisources
  • looking at building the medical projects in Bangla & Telugu
  • providing back-end support to the Malayalam community conference, WikiSangamolsavam (as well as discussing other potential community collaboration initiatives)
  • We will also continue to try and get as many more outreach sessions organised - but focus on Indic languages, medical outreach and interest groups (not necessarily colleges / universities). On Indic languages, we will encourage the translation of the outreach material to Indic languages.
  • We will continue to fine-tune the Outreach Handbook and other outreach material - building on the feedback and responses we are getting.
  • We had tried online outreach and our initial experience has indicated that we need to rework the initiative, which we will do but don't plan to have an online sessions in April.
  • We will try to do a (first) round of analysis of newbie editing.
  • Work with community members who have been involved in photothons or photo contests to build the Commons handbook which will document learnings, tips, best practices, etc. so that they can be shared with other community members.
  • This is a topic we are carrying forward from last month. We will suggest how we propose to work on IEP v2.0. Just to clarify, this will not be the actual model - but the process that could be used to design the model.
  • We will continue the work on Wikipatrika as April is a crucial month for this initiative.
  • We will publish at least 1 story on a topical community initiative
  • We would like to discuss a draft of a social media pilot with the Odia community.
  • We will start one pilot design on a blank slate, and facilitate the collaborative building of the pilot with interested community members. I think Digital Outreach might be an interesting candidate for this.
  • Providing any support that might be required to the Malayalam community for the WikiSangamolsavam conference
  • Initiative work to support the Assamese & Nepali communities for their upcoming 10th anniversaries (in June)
  • We will work on and improve communication with Indic communities.
  • Staying-in-Touch with Newbies Post-Outreach
  • We will try and stabilise the CRM package
  • We will try and reach out to, ideally through the respective community members who conducted the various sessions, to as many of the participants of outreach sessions conducted since January - and will explore different messages to reach out with.
  • Effective Program Design & Impact Assessment
  • There are a number of initiatives that India Program is supporting community members with. We will document these in a formal program design framework that will capture the context, objectives, program components, learning points and measures of success. We have already started these for Basic Community Building, Storytelling & Wikipatrika.
  • We will start populating the existing pilot designs with data and insights as and when they becomes available.