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CIS-A2K/Work plan July 2018 - June 2019/Content Enrichment

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Executive summary

Creation of high-quality content has been a very top priority of CIS-A2K's work-plan. An analysis of Indic Wikipedia projects indicate that there is high traffic looking for content in Indian languages. In many cases the readers are disappointed because of poor and lack of content. It is A2K's responsibility to improve content on Indic Wikimedia projects. We would conduct and support a series of Wiki-events which will help to produce quality-content. CIS-A2K will continue to scale up earlier attempts and projects that resulted in improving content and quality on Wikipedia projects across the country and will collaborate with groups of varied backgrounds to encourage diversity.

CIS-A2K will collaborate with thematic groups working on various social, legal, and cultural aspects and conduct different events to generate content in order to bridge gender gap. In order to integrate these efforts with the active women editors community working these issues CISA2K will conduct a Wikiconference with female editors and activists. CISA2K will conduct the Wikisource conference in India that will help community members to exchange their ideas and experiences. By building partnerships with libraries, Wikisource can grow its content. This content can be used as references for Wikipedia. Earlier, CIS-A2K attempted to bring new editors. Now, strengthening existing Wikisource community is important to do skilled work on Wikisource.

Editor retention

CIS-A2K believes that "our communities are our biggest asset".[1]

  • CIS-A2K members and community advocates will be regularly communicating with Indian community members to understand their needs and difficulties they are facing;
  • Monthly national-level IRC for Indian Wikimedians;
  • Regular language-specific or regional-level IRCs;
  • Create and provide merchandise materials such as Wikipedia Tshirts, pens, badges, stickers etc as token of appreciation to deserving Wikimedians.
  • At least 8 monthly national IRC conducted by the end of the year;
  • At least 12 project-specific IRCs;

Plans for Content Enrichment activities[edit]

# Wikipedia Wikisource Wikidata Wikimedia Commons
Engagements Edit-a-thons Digitisation sprint
Proofreading contest
Wikidata edit-a-thon
Wikidata label-a-thon
Image addition
Photo contests
Skills required Knowledge about Wikipedia policies and guidelines
Knowledge about Wikipedia editing
Using references
Tools, and gadgets
Knowledge about Wikidata structure (labels, items, properties)
Wikidata tools and gadgets
Wikidata Query Service
Knowledge about copyright and free licenses
Upload wizard and other information about Wikimedia Commons
OTRS process
Wikimedia Commons tools
Follow-ups Stub articles improved to Start-class articles;
Improving articles with images, reliable references, infobox etc.
Index page to proofread or validated page Basic item to item with multiple labels, descriptions and statements with references Image usage
Risks: Not adhering to Wikipedia policies Lack of proofreading and validation Lack of awareness and utility Non-free image uploading;
Improper categorization and image details;
Potential event Karnataka Rajyotsava Edit-a-thon
Bridging gender gap thematic edit-a-thon
Wikisource Conference Wikidata workshops such as
South India workshops
Wiki Takes photo contests



Edit-a-thons are important Wiki-events, where community/communities collaboratively work on improving content on different Wikimedia projects. CIS-A2K has experience of conducting and supporting edit-a-thons like Bhubaneswar Heritage Edit-a-thon, Geographical Indications Edit-a-thon, Punjab Edit-a-thon, IMLD-ODD 2018 Wikidata India Edit-a-thon etc.

Resource distribution for Wikipedians

CIS-A2K supports efforts of Telugu and Kannada Wikipedians to enrich content by providing resources. To capitalise on ongoing scanning drives in partner organizations, CIS-A2K would create indexing with keywords on-wiki of selected useful periodicals and will primarily utilise these efforts to support Telugu Wikipedians. To enrich the content in Kannada language, CIS-A2K will develop its existing library at CIS-A2K. As per community request, CIS-A2K will buy required books. The core idea of this project is to explore sustainable and scalable ways in which to help Wikipedians support Wikipedians' efforts to improve content by utilising existing digital resources in the respective languages.

Bridging Gender Gap
Participants editing at the Feminism India- CIS-A2K Edit-a-thon that aimed to Increase content on women on Wikipedia as well as training women to edit

Nurturing female editors from different sectors and generating content related to women and women's issues through networking with thematic groups working on Women and Health, Women and Environment, women's social issues and legal aid, women and culture is a key strategy to bridge gender gap this year. CIS-A2K will conduct photothons on all aspects of women, activities to create articles on successful women in different fields. Also organise WikiConference of women editors and Activists to improve sustainability and scalability of the efforts.

  • create high-quality content for Wikimedia projects
  • encourage collaborative work amongst Indian Wikimedia communities
  • CIS-A2K would conduct at least 1 national-level edit-a-thon and 1 regional edit-a-thon in the upcoming year
  • In the edit-a-thon conducted by CIS-A2K, there will be at least 24 participants
  • At least 250 articles will be created/improved as a result of these edit-a-thons.
  • CIS-A2K would support at least 2 edit-a-thons, planned and initiated by community members and help to make those success;
  • To support 5 new Telugu Wikipedians to retain their contributions on-wiki and at least 5 existing Telugu Wikipedians to improve content on-wiki.
  • At least 200 existing articles from Telugu Wikipedia will be improved using this resource.
  • At least 100 new articles in Telugu Wikipedia with proper resources and citations will be created and improved.
  • Making sure all required books are available for Kannada community members on time.
  • 2 thematic workshops will be conducted
  • 2 Photothons will be conducted
  • One Wiki Women event will be conducted


Collaboration with Punjabi Wikisource community

This year CIS-A2K would collaborate with Punjabi Wikisource community. Earlier and currently CIS-A2K has been working with "Focused Language Area" (FLA) model. From this year's work-plan we are introducing Focused Project Area (FPA). Here CIS-A2K won't work with all the programs and projects of a community, but will work with selected projects, based on community's need.

This year CIS-A2K started discussion with Indian Wikimedia communities over mailing lists and IRC channels during monthly IRCs about FPA. Based on the responses we received and follow-up conversation, this year CIS-A2K would collaborate with Punjabi Wikisource community to improve Punjabi Wikisource.

Wikisource Sprints
Telugu Wikisource Workshop

Indic Wikisource contributors like User:శ్రీరామమూర్తి, user: Gurlal Maan, User:Balajijagadesh and User:Rajasekhar1961, Indian Wikisource needs more users to improve from the current state. Earlier attempt to get more users to Wikisource proven successful especially in retaining New Wikimedians who already could type in Indic Languages, interested in literature and have enough time to contribute. Conducting sprints and workshops aiming participants specifically have those skills and time to contribute will result in expanding the Wikisource community.

Wikisource work in libraries
Eminent scholars Jayant Narlikar, Mangala Nirlikar, Madhav Gadgil & Dilip Karambelkar at Marathi Wikipedia - Vishwakosh Workshop for Science writers in IUCAA, Pune

We have developed partnerships with eight libraries and archives and one librarians' association. To enhance the quality and authenticity of knowledge, original reference material should be available on Wikisource. It is very crucial for articles on socio-cultural, historical and political issues. Literature of writers and organisations which played a pioneering role in weaving socio-cultural and the political fabric of modern India would be brought on Wikisource as valuable reference material. We have already facilitated content donation from eminent scholars like Professor Jayant Narlikar, Professor Mangala Narlikar, Dr. Sharu Ranganekar, & Dr. Irawati Karve.

  • To create a database of rare reference books and digitised books
  • To create 'Wikidesk' in libraries to attract good readers
  • To improve quality by adding references
  • To build a network of good librarians
  • To organise digitisation conference for libraries and archives
  • Proof reading sprints and Wikidata-thon for adding and improving items
  • Wikipedia Library project with 5 libraries in different regions
  • Content donation drive with prominent writers and literary organisations
  • Collaborating with social media interest groups working on celebrating literature for consistent period of times and conducting Wikisource sprints and workshops.
  • Capacity building of existing Wikisourcers by building both individual level and community level support system.[2]
  • Conducting Wikisource outreach activities for senior citizen clubs and organisations.
  • Interested Wikimedians arriving from these activities will again be groomed under Wiki adoption program.
Odia Wikisource contributors at the second anniversary of Odia Wikisource
  • 2 proof reading and validation workshops
  • 3 edit-a-thons in libraries
  • 50 books on Commons and Wikisource
  • Enlisting and grooming at least 5 new Wikisource contributors who continue to contribute project as very active Wikimedians.
  • To organise at least two workshop for each community in India (approximately 10 events)
  • Help about 50 Wikisourcers acquire different skills and encourage these Wikimedians to educate others.


In the earlier work-plans, we did not have specific plan for Wiktioary. However, during our needs-assessment we got several requests and feedback to support Indian Wiktionary communities in various way.

  • In Maharashtra we have developed a good relationship with language departments of four universities. The students would be given assignments for these tasks. Another possible method is to build a good repository on Wiktionary for ready reference. This will be achieved by designing projects for technical as well as linguistics students. We'll be working with five best language departments under different universities and language-based organisations to improve quality. To build Wiktionary with these communities
  • 2 workshops will be conducted for Indian Wiktionary editors where at least 12 editors will participate. We'll ensure 20% female participation
  • At least 1 Indic Wiktionary editor participating in Train-the-Trainer in 2019


Wikidata workshop in Pune, in September 2017

Wikidata is an important project, and in the last couple of years Wikidata has grown to be a project of immense interest for global Wikimedians. Last year South India Wikidata Workshop was conducted, which was followed by a series of Wikidata and Technical training.

  • To conduct and support Wikidata workshops, and training sessions
  • To increase contribution, awareness and contributors to Wikidata.
  • CIS-A2K is looking to conduct several Wikidata workshops in different parts of Karnataka.
  • Marathi community members working on thematic issues and gender would be trained in editing and creating items on Wikidata.
  • The participants of the Wiki Loves campaigns will be motivated to take up this activity for linking river related articles.
  • Creating Wikidata editing tutorial and handbooks.
  • Conduct a national-level Wikidata conference with at least 20 participants, we'll ensure at least 20% female participation;
  • Conduct or support at least 4 regional Wikidata workshops in India
  • About 10 editors will be focused for editing 200 major items each.  


  1. "Values". Wikimedia Foundation. Retrieved 1 April 2018.  CIS-A2K will be very careful to ensure editor retention and safe space and Friendly space policies.
  2. During Wikisource Workshop A2K invited Ramesam and GSVS Murthy who are members of Whatsapp group that are discussing and commenting on several literary works in Telugu langauge for several years, both of them continued to contribute Telugu Wikisource regularly for several months (See relevant Outreach dashboard here) and now become part of community. There are Several such communities online