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Pywikibot, formerly Pywikipedia or Pywikipediabot, or PWB, is the name of a bot framework project for producing bots to automatically edit mediawiki wikis for various purposes, such as mass adding of templates or categories, mass moving, or searching for and replacing content across a large number of pages, or even an entire wiki, or maintenance of interwiki language links, to name just a few of the tasks it is capable of. The bot framework code was originally designed for use on the English Wikipedia and is optimized for use on Wikimedia Foundation projects; however, it is maintained on the MediaWiki Subversion repository and most of the help pages are in Manual:Pywikibot and subpages thereof. Pages below are either not part of the standard Pywikibot package, or contain highly WMF specific instructions, such as the instructions for the CommonsDelinker bot.