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Comment on why this category was created


As we know, in 2015 there is a stereotype about Wikipedia editors: the editors tend to be men who are "geeky," who have poor social skills, who spend all their time on their computers, who may not be very clean and presentable in public, etc. Although naturally not everyone who edits here is like that, the editors who do fit that stereotype of "computer-nerds" could certainly benefit from some friendly social contact with their fellow editors, instead of experiencing social rejection. The least we can do is express appreciation for the important work done by people who may be working on Wikipedia because their experiences in real-life social situations have been difficult or painful.

I would like to encourage Wikipedia editors to meet each other in real life, and to have more family-oriented social events that welcome their families, friends, and personal supporters. I believe we can become a friendlier place if people get to know each other in person and establish friendships. While we are busy editing, other people are growing our food, caring for our families, and keeping the electric power plants running that power our computers.

Wikipedia is everywhere, and it widely used by children. I was pleased to find Wikipedia events and activities on Meta that would be of interest to families and children, and I hope we will see more of them. Family people are an important part of the mix. --Djembayz (talk) 13:59, 7 May 2015 (UTC)Reply