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Child protection services 

Kidnappers who are not really protecting children but claim to in order to profit in some way. They cause PTSD and extreme issues for parents especially mothers and are known to lie in court, exaggerate and harass in varous ways such as stalking, shaming, making false assumptions based on stigma or false beliefs and may illegally obtain information by accessing online information without consent and or taking children from their homes without probable cause or a warrent as required by federal law. They often also create other legal issues for parents in order to make themselves seem more correct in their accusations and continue to create barriers through unknown channels. They are dictating in a lot of ways and hold kids as a weapons to get their way. Apparently now each individual county in Minnesota can "make their own rules" according to some peers that are affiliated with this so called agency in some unknown way to me. Traditionally, I do believe counties are supposed to be governed by the state and prior to those rules states needed authorization to publish new laws or rules. 2607:FB91:BA9:CC0:5D8B:2BAC:35FD:3A57 09:42, 2 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]