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Welcome to the note-taking pad of one of the Celtic Knot Conference 2020 sessions! This space is dedicated to collaborative note-taking, comments and questions to the speaker(s). You can edit this document directly, and use the chat feature in the bottom-side corner.

✨⏯️ Session details[edit]


🎉🎉It's the closing session of the conference!🎉🎉
What will you remember the most from the conference?
What’s the most interesting thing you learnt at the conference?

  • Amir hummus :P --> Thanks! <3 slightly outdated link: https://aharoni.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/how-to-make-hummus/
  • I learned about Ordia https://ordia.toolforge.org/ , which will be very useful for me for looking up Wikidata . lexemes. Thanks to Utilisateur:VIGNERON.
    • This is a cool tool!
  • I enjoyed the Maltese meetup. There should be more of those, throughout the year, for all kinds of languages!
  • I learned how to use Wikidata templates in the English Wikipedia. It was such an obscure thing, and User:RexxS taught me useful things. Thanks!
  • all the mug photos!
  • video pool
    • +1 The videos were amazing and varied!
    • +1000000, all the videos are great and everyone should watch them and share them
  • Thanks to Rebecca, Daria, Léa, and Richard for helping make presenting easy!
  • THANK YOU ALL.... it was great
  • I enjoyed the entertainment which I wasn't expecting since it was virtual
    • Yes, I loved the poetry in particular; Ciara Ní É was awesome!
    • I'm eager to see the quiz!!


🎉🌍 Welcome to day 2 of the conference!🌍🎉
Hello! What's the weather like where you are right now?

  • In Berlin it's been raining like hell earlier, now it's slightly better & 21°C
  • It's winter here in Cape Town and we have wind & rain, snow on the mountains!
  • An howl a dhallathas splanna yn Kardydh wortiwedh! The sun has finally started to shine in Cardiff.
  • Sunny blue skies here in north London
  • Overcast in Amsterdam
  • Overcast and a bit windy in NRW, Germany
  • Sunny in Truro, Cornwall - DavydhT
  • Overcast but bright - West Mids UK
  • Sunny and blue skies in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Lovely blue skies, warm sun, puffy white clouds - for now
  • a sunny early morning, around 28 degrees already in Accra
  • Suddenly quite sunny, after a very cool and wet few days in Dublin

Irish terms from the slide[edit]

  • These are 2 artefacts from the Hunt Museum, being used to illustrate both the collection and some Irish-language terms
  • gúna = dress
  • corcra = purple
  • faisean = fashion
  • mainicín = mannekin
  • línéadach = linen
  • fáinne = ring
  • ór = gold
  • déantán Ceilteach = Celtic artefact
  • seanda = ancient
  • seandálaíochta = archæological

(As someone with limited irish I read those as "celtic made thing", "old thing", "OLD OLD thing"...)


🎉We finished the first day of the conference!

What did you enjoy most today? 🎉 (e.g. a specific talk, interaction with people, eating cereal while watching the opening talks?)

  • Kevin Scannell's presentation
    • Finding out that there's another Irish speaker in my hometown
  • Wikidata details and how it can be used
    • Learning about Wikidata has been great, although I feel like I'm dipping my toes in the edge of a VERY deep pool!
  • Learning about Content Translator, so I've made my first edit on the Welsh Wikipedia. The tools for populating smaller-language Wikipedias from Wikidata look super helpful.
  • The lunch was great! Just as I like it!
    • 😂
    • just like at home 😄
  • I like having an etherpad, maybe face-to-face conferences should also have them
    • As someone who has been scribing into Etherpad a lot today, I'd struggle to do so at an in-person conference, unfortunately.
    • The etherpad has been so good! I know I haven't taken it all in, so I will be able to look back at those notes later.
    • Wikimania usually does
    • very useful for the panel discussion topics (lots of things I need to look up later)
  • video pool, so much interesting talks there too! (didn't had the time to look them all yet sadly)
    • 💯
  • L99 😂


🎉🌍 Welcome!
In this section, we would like to show the diversity of the participants by adding "welcome" in plenty of languages! Feel free to add the languages that you speak.

Bienvenue ! (Français/French/fr)
Willkommen! (Deutsch/German/de)
Bonbini! (Papiamento/Papiamentu/pap)
Benvinguts! (Català/Catalan/ca)
Merħba! (Malti/Maltese/mt)
Dynnargh! (Kernewek/Cornish/kw)
Croeso! (Cymraeg/Welsh/cy)
Ongi etorri! (euskara/Basque/eu)
Benvida! (galego/Galician/gl)
Bem-vindos! (português/Portuguese/pt)
ようこそ (日本語/Japanese/ja)
Tere tulemast! (eesti keel/Estonian/et)
Welkom! (Nederlands / Dutch/nl / Afrikaans/af)
Wolkom! (Frysk / Frisian)
Eiat nen? Mbidjap! (Translation: Have you come? I have come! Wayoro/Brazil/ISO code wyr/Glottolog wayo1238)
Fáilte (Gaeilge/Irish/ga)
Fàilte (Gàidhlig/Scottish Gaelic/gd -- note different accent direction :) :D)
Failt erriu (Gaelg/Manx/gv)
Degemer mat ! (Brezhoneg/Breton/br)
Amaraaba (Dagbani/dag)
ਜੀ ਆਇਆਂ ਨੂੰ/Ji Aaya Nun/ (Punjabi/pa)
ברוכים הבאים/ברוכות הבאות (Hebrew/עברית/he)
שלום עליכם (Yiddish/yi)
Welcome, Bienvenue! Willkommen - sounds like Cabaret (en) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBlB8RAJEEc
Grüß Gott (Bavarian/Bayrisch/bar)
Moin moin (Norddeutsch)
Salamaik Datang! (Minangkabau/min)
Fáilte, aka Welcome - from Antiqueight
Velkommen! (norsk/Norwegian/nb&nn)
Velkommen! (Danish/da)
Buresboahtin! (davvisámegiella/Northern Sámi/se) Listen to its pronunciation at: http://sayitinsaami.yle.fi/?welcome (choose the right language from the list)
Karibu! (Kiswahili/Swahili/sw)
bonvenon (esperanto/eo)
welcome, and thank you (en)
Mirë se erdhët! (Albanian/Shqip/sq)
Fit like! (Aberdeenshire Doric) - Ewan in Glasgow (User:Stinglehammer) ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Добро пожаловать (Russian/ru)
Witój (Kashubian/csb)
Вітаем (Belarusian/be)
أهلا وسهلا‎ (Arabic/ar)
مرحبا (Moroccan Arabic/ary)
ⵎⵕⵃⴱⴰ (Berber)
Välkommen (Swedish)
Pyereest puáttim! (anarâškielâ/Inari Saami/smn) Listen to its pronunciation at: http://sayitinsaami.yle.fi/?welcome (choose the right language from the list)
Tiõrv pueʹttem! (nuõrttsääʹmǩiõll/Skolt Saami/sms) Listen to its pronunciation at: http://sayitinsaami.yle.fi/?welcome (choose the right language from the list)
Buorisboahtem! (julevsámegiella/Lule Saami/smj)
Пуэдтӭ тӣррвэнҍ! (кӣллт са̄мь кӣлл/Kildin Saami/sjd)

A long list in Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/welcome#Interjection (add "welcome" in your language if it's missing!)

and if it's a redlink you can create the entry ;)
Also add as a label on Wikidata, to https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q13109234

💬❓ Questions[edit]

Feel free to add questions here, while or after watching the session. Please add your (user)name in bracket after the question. The host of the session will pick a few questions to ask them during the livestream. The speaker or other participants will answer on this pad (asynchronously: the answer may come in a few hours or days).

🖊️🔗 Collaborative note-taking[edit]

Feel free to take notes about the session here, add some useful links, etc.

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