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Celtic Knot Conference 2020/Submissions/Wici-Addysg. Putting Wikipedia at the heart of education in Wales

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Wici-Addysg. Putting Wikipedia at the heart of education in Wales
Jason Evans Jason.nlw
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Jason.nlw(_AT_)gmail.com OR
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National Library of Wales, Wikimedia UK
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The National Library of Wales is working in partnership with Menter Iaith Mon on a Welsh Government funded project to put Wikipedia at the heart of secondary education in Wales. Feedback consistently shows us that around 90% of pupils admit to using Wikipedia to help with school work. Many also say they tend to use the English Wikipedia rather than the Welsh, because the information is better, or because they only study their subjects in English, even though they are first language Welsh speakers. With this in mind, and inspired by the Basque system, we set about developing a pilot project to identify the most important articles for a school subject and work with existing educational content producers in Wales release resources on an open licence, so they could be adapted and used to bring relevant Wikipedia articles up to a high standard. Articles will be checked by subjects specialists and can then be used by teachers and pupils with confidence. The project will also introduce the use of educations videos to Welsh Wikipedia, and trial events in secondary schools to improve local history content relevant to primary school education.
What will attendees take away from this session?

The session aims to present a blueprint for engaging secondary education with Wikipedia in a way which supports and develops the use of native and minority languages. The talk will also cover lessons learned from the project so far, including the challenges and opportunities presented by the Coronvirus and the our experience of negotiating open licences with content producers. We will also be sharing onsite gained from surveying pupils at a number of Welsh speaking schools over the course of several projects.

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  • Wikimedia projects in education
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