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Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Membership of chapters committee - March 2010/ru

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This is a resolution on appointing the following people per immediately as a member of the Chapters Committee following their respective applications after the call for candidates in February:

  • Jeromy-Yu Chan
  • Bence Damokos
  • Vladimir Medeyko
  • Sebastian Moleski
  • Ray Saintonge

Explanatory note: A call for candidates has been sent out after realizing that new members would be helpful and necessary to improve activity levels and linguistic and cultural diversity. The new makeup of the committee will be as follows: Voting members: Nathan Carter, Jeromy-Yu Chan, Bence Damokos, Damian Finol, Lodewijk Gelauff, Austin Hair, Vladimir Medeyko, Delphine Ménard, Sebastian Moleski, Ray Saintonge, Non voting members: Milos Rancic, Ting Chen (board liason)

Required majority: 2/3

Vote opened: March 4 - March 11


6 out of 6 votes in favor: Resolution passed on March 8th 2010