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Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Requirements and guidelines for future chapters - January 2007/ko

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Resolution Requirements and guidelines for future chapters


The Chapters Committee asks the Board of Trustees to review and approve the following two documents:


The requirements and guidelines were the subject of ChapCom work from October last year, when the foundations for the two documents were laid during the Frankfurt Board Retreat. Over time, they have been refined and revised but their spirit and key points have not changed much since conception.

Both documents are an effort to make chapter creation as easy and straightforward as possible. ChapCom has used them as a basis when advising two chapters that are now in forming phase (i.e. Wikimedia Taiwan and Wikimedia Israel), which has tested both their flexibility and usefulness, with satisfying results.

We believe that, once approved and published, they will contribute largely to the number of new chapters being formed, by giving clear and exhaustive information on what a chapter truly is.

Proposed resolution text

Upon request form the Chapters Committee, the Board has reviewed and approved the "Requirements for future chapters" and "Guidelines for future chapters" documents, which are now to be considered official policy regarding chapter creation.

Resolution passed with 4 votes in favor, 0 votes against, 2 votes not cast on 18 January 2007.

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