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Chapters council/Scope

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The chapters council has been proposed comprising of Wikimedia Chapters from around the world. It is intended to serve as a central support organization for the chapters.

The exact scope and nature of its responsibilities haven't been discussed in detail. This page is intended to start discussion about the scope of the future organization. What its priorities will be for the first year of its operation. Finalized points will be moved to a Priorities section and sent for further ratification.

Proposed scope of activities[edit]

  • Support chapters.
  • Promote co-operation between chapters.
  • Offer common centralized services to chapters- like translation, legal advice, audit/accounting help.
  • Help smaller chapters grow.
  • Offer direct and centralized support for large activities like WLM.
  • Build infrastructure to promote growth of chapters around the world,
  • More focus on translations and promoting multilingualism so new chapters can take part in decisions and discussions.

First year of activity[edit]

After finalization of the SG. He/She would need to focus on the first year of activities. Rather than leave a blank slate on how to fill the role and make their own priority, I would prefer to develop up a work-plan.