Chapters meeting 2009/Committees/Cultural Institutions partnerships

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Show them the blogging policy for BBC (eg. their internet policy)

Try to make some guidelines for the user pages for editors from institutions. I.e. they need to tell that it is an official person, and the name of the persons name. Make a list of all this accounts.

Chapters can act as facilitators between institutions and the communities.

Finding who to work with. Institutions that are the low hanging fruit.

Find the right person within institution. Blogger etc, already active. Either the ones that are tech savvy or the one's that are already have the same missions as us, that just don't know it yet.

Create the process that could be useful in the approach.

Show respect. One to one meetings. Start with gaining personal trust before introducing the community. Discuss what they want to do, how we do things, and what are similar. Explain the idea and the vision of why they could gain by contributing to Wikipedia. Be mentors, arrange workshops,

Be aware of what phrases we use. Content liberation might be offensive.

Start small as a starter. Make them to choose what to do, don't do first and ask later. It is not too bad to start with low-resolution pictures.

Australia has got descriptions of from a museum of all their items under CC-BY-SA

Get them to use Wikipedia to make their site better. Link back and forth. Provide traffic to them.

Don't scare. Make sure that they understand that we are sincere when we say that we need them.

Access to the content may be different than copyright issue.

The Official view of items. They are usually very high resolution.

The Federal archive in Germany has doubled their revenue since the donation to Wikimedia Germany.

Sweden have good cooperation with libraries.

Polish, wikiproject for institutions. Easier to start with a institution where there already is an active wikiproject. Perhaps a little more handholding. Explain cooperation.

Official View - it is better than our picture can ever be Attribution - what does that mean by our standards. Use the catalogue record number - for deep-linking. Their acquisition reference.

Restoration. Explaining why it can be useful.