Chapters meeting 2009/Working with volunteers & local communities

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Acquiring volunteers[edit]

Course of the discussion[edit]

  • Revo: activity interesting
  • Asaf: "Matchmaker principle": present specific tasks and call for volunteers
  • Pavel: people have questions : What will it bring to me? How can I help Wikipedia?
  • Asaf: people who want to help outside Wikipedia
  • Agnieszka: survey skills & interests
  • Lodewijk: people find survey weird?
  • Agnieszka: few, but it works
  • Agnieszka: summarize possibilities of help
  • Asaf: expose that varied tasks can help
  • Lodewijk: other side, if you have tasks and need volunteers
  • Asaf: location, go to where the skill is common
  • use mailing list to introduce to community


  1. Specific tasks
  2. Variety of activities
  3. Skill by location
  4. Decentralize matchmaking by introducing to community

Canalizing volunteers[edit]

Note taker: Delphine Menard

Course of the discussion[edit]

  • foster personal development
  • know your resources
  • indentity card to analyse available skills + interests (+ self-assessment)
  • describe task: what, whe, who, how, where?
  • define skills needed for the task
  • "external" assess sheet for "mentorship"
  • deal with leaders + followers
  • deal with "bad" professionals