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Partnerships with cultural institutions[edit]

  • difference between cultural institutions and wikimedia
    • Wikimedia is free
    • Wikimedia is new
    • institutions are opaque: you don't know what's in there
    • Wikimedia reaches a lot more
  • most famous partnerships:
    • Wikimedia Deutschland & Bundesarchiv (National Archive): photos
    • Wikimedia France & National Library: Wikisource uploading
    • Wikimedia Australia & Power house museum
    • Wikimedia Netherlands & Tropenmuseum: photos
  • Wikimedia benefits
    • newly free knowledge: making content freely available & free
    • contextualization of free knowledge
    • improved perception of Wikimedia movement: public and GLAM-community
  • institutions benefit
    • massive exposure to their holdings (or even their very existence)
    • improvement to the metadata (which is crucial):
      • several 1.000.000 items = several 100.000 mistakes
      • feedback channel for archives: e.g. Bundesarchiv gets mistakes (for free): Bundesarchiv has a full-time employee to correct the mistakes
      • linking their own holdings with free content
  • communications with institutions must be effective and sensitive


  • impression Denver conference: communication must be sensitive to the mission of the institution
  • numbers and statistics would be useful to show GLAMs that sharing might be a good point for them, e.g. increasing number of visitors, improving metadata
  • image: lions that might eat grass; might it be useful to focus on special partners?
  • resolution-question: are we serving a business model of a institutions that share only smaller images
  • lobbying work: cooperate with organizations to make pressure (e.g. on copyright laws or laws ruling special institutions)
  • needed: information kit for partnerships (information, arguments, statistics...)
  • opportunity: libraries "divesting" themselves (i.e. getting rid of books)