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Celebrations for Wikipedia's 10th anniversary[edit]

New mailing list set up to continue planning/discussion: wikix-l

January 15th (Saturday): Press release by every chapter Activities may take place later as well (better weather, local Wikipedia launch days for other language versions etc.)

Decentralized events[edit]

We would like to stimulate chapters and unaffiliated volunteers to have decentralized events. WMF & chapters should support local groups by sending out swag etc. Events will/should probably be organized by editor community. How to involve broader community needs to be discussed: don't diffuse the message.

We need:

  • centralized registration for event dates > do we need special software? CivicCRM might be usable. using Wordpress is possible as well. > WMF
  • Some kind of simple process to recognize events that need swag > WMF
  • Send a central notice to invite people to register their plans > first in October
  • List groups we might want to address: free culture groups & mailing lists, Creative Commons, libraries
  • Provide swag > WMF
  • WMF take the lead in making press release and press kit > October/November

There are 2 things: the “great” day 15 january, and other happenings in the time frame after that.

Event templates could help: parties with cakes, wikiconferences, exibitions of Commons pictures, media-moments: snap shots of celebrations, simultaneous announcements via video? At least some video, live stuff would be great.

Visualizations of recent changes, commons feed. cheat sheets, stickers, Wikipedia on a USB stick, Pediapress books of unusual articles, pencils, posters, basic leaflets about Wikimedia/Projects. Mozilla, Creative Commons have some nice swag things: Mozilla for example has sticker sheets.

It would be nice to have a google map in the end with all the

World Wide Photo scavenger hunt[edit]

It would be nice to get photo's that are not yet avaible: e.g. go inside of the bakery > stimulate people to take the right pictures. Provide lists of articles without picture. Try to make it broader than just images: also video and sound.

Next version of the mobile app is going to show you articles near you. Next feature will be to upload photo's, linked to your location.

Wikimedia scavenger hunt tool on toolserver by Ryan Caldari


  • What works/ not fot scavenger hunts, have standards > standards before Wikimania
  • Start a page on outreach wiki
  • Mailing list is set up to actively work together, rest will be done on Outreach wiki
  • Taskforce meeting at Wikimania

It may be interesting to invite Flickr-communities.

Time line[edit]

We need to take the fundraiser into account: oct - jan

  • April: start page on outreach wiki (Jose)
  • May: Contact Ryan (by Richard)
  • May: Call for Participation for the WikiX taskforce
  • May: Have a list of comparable initiatives (Open Software Day, Public Domain Day etc.) (Bence)
  • May: reach out to the Open Video Alliance people (Richard)
  • June: WikiX task force is set up
  • August: PR firm support arranged
  • August: figure out which registration software to use
  • Beginning of october : video shoot (if any) for anniversary
  • September: event templates / forms ready (also for translation)
  • October: Event registration begins
  • Late November: latest day for shipping of event kits
  • Beginning of September: Media Kit ready for localisation