Chapters meeting 2010/Working Groups

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During the Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2010, there is some 2,5 hour reserved in the schedule for 4-5 working groups. These working groups will focus on specific questions or topics, which can lead to an actual answer or solution within that time frame. Please share your thoughts about what would be useful working groups to you! Please refer to the schedule to see which topics are already covered. The working groups can be used to either cover important missing topics, or to go more in-depth into resolving issues.

After the working groups, the results will be presented plenary in a short presentation, and there will be a discussion about the outcomes.

Please try to fill in for each working group:

  • The topic
  • The goal
  • Required participants (if any)
  • Related / conflicting scheduled topics

Some suggestions on beforehand (need to be worked out):

  • Communications
  • Toolserver
  • Funding for chapters
  • Wikimedia in the developing world
  • Strategy implementation
  • Cultural partnerships - continued from Chapters meeting 2009 and subsequent discussions on chapters-cultural-partners mailing list

Possible topics[edit]