Chapters rights and obligations

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Note: this is not set in stone, just some brainstorming...


Apply for chapters-specific funding from WMF[edit]

See Wikimedia chapters/WMF grants

(Apply to) Use the Wikimedia names and logos/trademarks[edit]



Obey the relevant laws for your country[edit]

Relating to membership, funds, non-profit governance, accounting.

Maintain your independence from WMF and all projects governance[edit]

This is needed for legal immunity :)

Communicate with other chapters and the WMF[edit]

e.g. via monthly reports, posting to internal and chapters mailing lists and wikis (especially keeping your contact information and board list up to date)

Participate in the appointment of chapters-selected WMF board members[edit]

? Handle Wikimedia-related press in your jurisdiction[edit]


Participate in real-life chapters meetings and Wikimania[edit]

e.g. Chapters meeting 2009. Wikimania is not so much an obligation, but it can be very helpful...


  • A right that comes with obligations: chapters can choose to take part in the chapters-WMF fundraising agreement. Described by Sue in her November 2008 report to the Board as:

Agreements have been developed with interested chapters to highlight these chapters during the fundraiser; in return, they will invest 50% of their fundraising revenue in program activities agreed upon with the Wikimedia Foundation. The preference is for activities with an international impact, such as multi-chapter events and local infrastructure and software development support.

Check internalwiki for information on this.